Are Megaman Fans Expecting Too Much?!

After I saw the screenshots and gameplay of Mighty No. 9, I started going harsh and unprofessional at several levels. I wanted to start mocking it. I wanted to Obi-Wan mode during "Revenge of the Sith" with Inafune when I saw the results of the gameplay. I wanted a Megaman successor but what do we get? Then I thought of this one, "Are Megaman fans expecting too much?"

Probably yes. Megaman fans may be expecting too much. A spiritual successor of Megaman isn't Megaman. But I guess the factors like the really bad cut scenes and bad voice acting is one. I enjoy playing Megaman 8 in spite of bad voice acting. I'm wondering what happened to the 3 million dollar budget and why did we get a mediocre game? I guess fans have the right to get mad for whatever reasons. At the same time, critics need to realize that they should evaluate Mighty No. 9 on its own merit rather than to keep comparing it to Megaman. 

But again, I haven't played the game yet and I should still play it for myself. But I must keep in mind I'm not playing any Megaman game. It's just a Megaman-type game. I'm still thinking it might be fun to do the Xel absorb dash towards enemies as well. What do you think?


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