Junko Fujino: My Undeniable Guilty Pleasure While Watching Winspector!

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I admit that while eye candy doesn't stop me (but it does DELAY me from ever bashing a bad show) but it can help me overrate a good show. I couldn't forget how I overpraised Shinkenger over Mako or just any good Tokusatsu series with a hot girl in it. Stupid huh? The same happened during Winspector and I do have an immature reason to say it's better than GoGoFive or any rescue related show.

She's really hot and she's one cool action lady so why didn't they make her another suit? Not that she's useless without it. She's proven herself to be able to fight without the need of enhancements and she's a necessary force in Winspector. I think Reiko in Solbrain's more utilized since she goes out and helps her partner Daiki. Ryoma's just confined with two robots while Junko knows better. Come on, why didn't they give Junko a power suit? She does look qualified to wear that suit. I think she could endure wearing that kind of suit. I guess this oversight was fixed when we get Reiko to also suit up for Solbrain. She was out there as moral support but not as someone with a power suit. Again, not so many male allies got to power up in Winspector. Ryoma's the only male to do that in the show. The rest were his support team.

There are times I just feel the need to fight that superficiality which brings me back to my later years while watching Dekaranger. Oh yes, I could name one person that I had even bigger hots than Junko can ever emit: Marika Reimon! I really can't get over how I want to smash my head that my favorite character Hoji Tomasu didn't get her. Instead, she married that kid she saved way back. Regardless, I really just "accepted" it in some way because Hoji wasn't canonically paired with her. They were simply in a professional relationship.

When I do my current ranking of police-related or rescue-related shows, As of right now, I feel that Winspector more of a fun rewatch than Dekaranger and GoGoFive. I'll admit, Junko is a guilty pleasure but she feels like she's more utilized and badass than Jasmine. Jasmine felt like she was just there for eye candy even if she's a ranger. Dekaranger's action scenes aren't all as badass considering it's a post-Ohranger series. Most Super Sentai taking place after Ohranger were now more focused on selling more cool toys and writing better ways to sell more toys than the action scenes. Dekaranger could throw in punches. Winspector had really good stunts that stood out better than Dekaranger's passable action scenes.

In the end, I end up enjoying Winspector not for Junko but for what it is. Captain Masaki's a great commander who you can't mess up with. Sure we've had some good commanders before and after but I think it's just hard to outdo Masaki's performance. It's almost impossible to outdo Ryoma's charisma (though he's had qualified successors). Will I end up saying Winspector is still better than Solbrain? I can't say yet. But one thing's certain, I don't enjoy Winspector primarily for Junko and I'm glad that I don't.


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