My Thoughts On The Aesthetics Of The Upcoming Power Rangers Movie!

I already had zero intention of even watching the Mighty Morphin' reboot movie even when it's first announced. Just looking at almost everything just who's designing the suits anyway? They aren't spandex-worthy and they look more like fan art than actual suits for a movie. Again, I hardly expect anything good from American entertainment these days and while I do use American stuff but I only choose the good ones. It's a mockery really of the franchise that allowed Toei to make money in the American market. Toei and Saban why did you two even approve of such garbage? Worse, you may want to check out more updates from JEFusion and one of the latest was Alpha Five. See if you can take how horrible it looks!

While not everything Japanese is good (Capcom really sucks now) but a lot of Japanese companies have proper care and respect for their franchises. If you think of it, I'm just glad neither Goranger or Zyuranger is getting the reboot treatment. Honestly, the suits are all LAUGHABLE. The modernized versions of the Kamen Rider suits in Kamen Rider the First look much better. The Next Generation Space Sheriffs presented a better shine than the original suits. But for the "new generation team" of Power Rangers it fails in trying to do the "retro feel" (I'd take the ToQGer suits any day) or in the new school feel. Either way, the design sucks.

Just because it's something new doesn't necessarily mean it's better. I even feel the new merchandise that will come out will be completely garbage. Kamen Rider EX-AID's rather cartoony suits (but I have a soft spot for them) are WAAAAAAAAYYYYY better. Some people would do their best to make the new school experience move for the better (and learn from whatever mistakes happen) while others just don't care at all.

Time to just really prepare for the worst. Better not watch it then! You're better off watching the Gavan/Dekaranger movie this 2017!


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