Only If Henshin Grid's Dream MMPR Movie Cast Came True In Some Way

I can't deny that I have no good reason to watch the Power Rangers movie by Lionsgate. I could give some reasons to bitch up. I had a thought the post at Henshin Grid was so last 2010 and the wait for the MMPR movie was not worth it IMO.

Maybe one of the reasons why I left Power Rangers may have been focused on Kimberly. I wouldn't say it was because Mei is a better fighter than her (its' too apples and oranges) but because of what happened to her. She went to become a determined fighter to Tommy's damsel in distress. Then they had to derail her in Power Rangers Zeo which was so not her. Besides, I don't blame Amy Jo Johnson for leaving the show to seek better career. She did show up during the premiere night and made a cameo in the movie but that doesn't change my mind. Also, the movie changes Kimberly from a sweet, loving character to a rebel without a cause. I just can't buy that.

Yup, I wish Emma Roberts were Kimberly and the movie took place around 2011-2012 and not make everyone wait for too long only to get hit by disappointment. Okay, she's no longer doing children's shows and somehow I think it was a breath of fresh air that she's doing some characters beyond her Nickelodeon girl mold. Yup, I think I would watched Henshin Grid's dreamed up cast if it happened but sadly it didn't.

Then again, I can't forget how I watched Megafail for the eye candy but it left a bad taste in my mouth. Kyuranger and EX-AID's ladies may not be that good looking for me but there's a good plot to back it up. If there's anything I learned is that eye candy never saves a bad film or series.


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