Combattler V, Voltes V and Golion as "Copies"

During the 80s, there were three combining Super Robots that were closely similar yet different from each other. These were Combattler V, Voltes V and Golion. What were the common things between them?

The heroes
  • You have one professor. In Combattler V we have Professor Nambara who only lasted for three episodes later replaced by Dr. Yotsuya. In Voltes V, we have Professor Hamaguchi who is later replaced by Professor Sakunji. In Golion we have Professor Raible.
  • The team assembly is leader, rebel, big guy, woman and child. In Golion, it was an all-male team until episode six, one episode after Shirogane died, Farla took his place. The personalities were too close to ignore.
  • All three had a spaceship for a base. In the case of Voltes V and Combattler V, these bases went to the enemy home planet for the final battle.
Robot weapons:
  • Voltes V and Golion were sword users.
  • Golion had Combattler V's cutting disks and twin lancer. 

The villains
  • Voltes V and Golion both had evil emperors who were illegitimate children. Zanbazir and Daibaazal are no different in terms of cruelty although Daibaazal showed up much earlier than Zanbazir had.  Both of them were illegitimate children, sons of the previous emperors by mistresses.  In fact, Honerva being secretly Daibazaal's mother (while he never addressed her as such) was hinted to be the mistress of the previous emperor so she must have been involved in putting her son in power while he never knew he was her son. Zanbazir's mother was never shown in Voltes V though but it seems to be that he was prodded by his mother to take over the throne.  
  • Both shows had a scientist lady and a commander. These were Katherine in Voltes V and Honerva in Golion. Honerva however was a witch who mixed science and magic and was secretly the emperor's mother.
  • Honerva may have gotten her inspiration from Empress Janera both being witches.
  • All three super robot shows have an evil prince to deal with. Combattler V had Garuda who died in the middle of the series (and was a super robot), Voltes V had Prince Heinel who was by the way the paternal half-brother of the Gou brothers and died redeemed like Garuda and in Golion, the evil (but to an extent honorable and more dignified than his father) Prince Sincline who died evil.

Plot issues:
  • All three had slavery and dictatorship as atrocities done by the enemy planets. In Golion, the show takes you to more than one planet though in terms of display of slave mistreatment though while in Voltes V and Combattler V, slave mistreatment wasn't shown on multiple planets.
  • There were also issues of half-breeds in Voltes V and Golion. Voltes V's three Gou brothers are half-Boazanian and half-human. In Golion, Prince Sincline's mother is a blonde woman from the Planet Altea so he's half Galran, half-Altean.
  • Combattler V, Voltes V and Golion had midseason upgrades.  Combattler V introduced piloted beast fighters, Voltes V introduced armored beast fighters and Golion replaced their standard beast fighters with mechanical beast fighters where a beast fighter in human size is placed into the robot.  Then in all three series, new weapons were developed to help- Combattler V's V-Laser and Twin Lancer, Voltes V's choudenshi ball and the third, Golion's 100 ton punch.
  • Voltes V and Golion had final battles that took place in the enemy's home planet in contrast to Combattler V. In the case of Golion, their final enemy was Prince Sincline while in Voltes V, their final enemy as Emperor Zanbazir. There were also beast fighter duels that happened but for Golion, it was piloted by Emperor Daibaazal.


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