Conan Strangeness: Movies and Cartoons Analogous Performances

The thing is I find it definitely weird that the Conan movies and the Conan cartoons are kind of "similar" in this way. Like how? Let's do a comparison shall we?

Conan the Barbarian vs. Conan the Adventurer- Both respective media were focused on Conan battling the Snake Cult, although Conan the Adventurer was simply a bloodless Conan with less violence since it was a children's cartoon, something Filmation dismissed and chose He-Man instead. The long cartoon series featured the idea of an ever-growing Snake Cult that has been deceiving people like the movie Snake Cult and led by a high priest whose evil is legendary, only the cartoon featured Set as an active character and not just merely mentioned who becomes the final enemy of the series. Also like the movie, it was a huge success and the most favored between the two Conan series.

Conan the Destroyer vs. Conan and the Young Warriors- Both were considered sloppy sequels by some viewers. Also, the cartoon series was less violent like Conan the Destroyer. Both also featured a female nemesis that sought to resurrect a wicked deity and rule the kingdom for themselves. Nothing more to say.


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