Conan and the Riddle of Steel

In the Conan film, there was the riddle of steel which is first mentioned by Conan's father which is said that while the flesh they can't trust, steel they can trust which Conan's father made a powerful sword for Conan to use when he grows up. However, things get out of hand when the serpent men led by Thulsa Doom raid their village and steal the weapons of steel, which they sought to dominate more than gold or jewels to further the worship of Set. It had remained in Conan's mind even when he was thinking of revenge.

Later, Conan was caught after he tried to infiltrate the Mountain of Power dressed up as a cult member. Thulsa Doom begins to reveal something of the riddle of steel saying that he pursued steel more than anything, only later to learn the power of flesh. He reveals the power of flesh is in the hand that wields it and reveals his power by making a young woman jump to her death, saying that is power. He has Conan crucified to the tree of woe to contemplate on it, without ever believing that that the riddle of steel would spell his demise.

Conan managed to master the riddle of steel, which is that the resolve and commitment matters more than the weapons used in battle. Managing to reapply its principle, he goes to a more subtle way to rescue the princess and manages to beat down the cult killing many of the minions of the sorcerer. He also uses the power of dedication and commitment to defeat Thulsa Doom's soldiers in the mountain battle after they have rescued the brainwashed princess. In battle, weapons of wood kill the soldiers especially Thorgrim. Conan beats Rexor and seeing his father's sword broken, he realizes the riddle of steel.

Using more covert tactics, he is led by the princess to the balcony area. Realizing that he has a strong will to resist the hypnosis of Thulsa Doom, he uses the broken sword to chop off his enemy's head showing the hand mattered more than the blade.


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