Lotor's Obsession with Allura

In Golion, what amazes me is that Prince Sincline's obsession with Princess Farla is more emphasized than it was with their Lion Voltron counterparts Lotor and Allura. While watching Lion Voltron's 30th episode, I kind of wondered why Allura was different. Also, in Lotor's mind we see two different appearances of Allura, which deserves some questioning.

However we find out that in Golion episode 30, Lotor is actually the product of Emperor Zarkon raping a human woman who kind of resembles Allura thus giving birth to a half-breed spawn, that's him causing strange Oedipian connections. In a sense, Golion's plot of Lotor having a blond human mother gives a better back story to why he's obsessed with Allura than just being plainly obsessed with her.

By the way, I kind of find it strange that I do have a recurring dream of a lovely oriental woman with long black hair whom I'm calling out "mother".


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