The Most Depraved Disney Villains

While most Disney villains were not really that bad but here are some I'd like to say are exceptionally evil you'll be scared to death...

Frollo does deserve his place as top one.  While he's not portrayed to be like in the novels (as an archdeacon which would have made more sense) and the archdeacon character a bishop, rather as a judge but still he does wield SO MUCH POWER AND EVIL.  Plus he's going after a woman who is just like a daughter in terms of age gap- Esmeralda.  In the novels, Frollo was fueled by celibacy.  He would really burn down all of Paris just to get Esmeralda- what a SOB he really is.  When she refuses him, he decides to execute her taking no remorse.  Plus one can't deny he actually did keep Quasimodo away from the world and repeatedly lied to him either and he's an extreme racist.  Softspoken, dignified yet full of evil within.  What a hypocrite.  A total monster that seemed one dimensional as if he was no longer human.  What makes him unique is that he thinks nothing is wrong with him.

The Coachman in Disney's Pinocchio- He is one scheming guy who takes advantage of wayward children, brings them to Pleasure Island and when they become donkeys, he SELLS THEM!  Well I do have to say that child exploitation is definitely sick.  He's so greedy for gain I think he does more than just sell children!

Lady Tremaine- She is really the typical image of the wicked stepmother.  While dignified, she is also very cruel.  Softspoken yet CRUEL!  She pretends to be kindly but she is SO FULL OF EVIL!  To be honest, I wish she were killed.  I have to admit that her wickedness caused Anastacia to befriend Cinderella in the sequels.

Aunt Medusa- She's scared me like crazy when I was younger.  Hard to imagine she would actually exploit a little girl just to get a diamond.  Plus her style of dressing speaks so much of what she is -greedy and perhaps a slut.  She laughs like a witch too.

Although he isn't as darkly portrayed by Hu Jun's character of Mendu but still he does deserve to be in the list.  The reason is compared to other Disney villains, he does have his scary side.  He is merciless, cunning and he shows no sense of humor.  He killed people just for fun off-screen.


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