Similarities Between Daibazaal and Zanbazil

If there are two characters from Combattler V, Voltes V and Golion that would be worth comparing are the evil monarchs.  Here are some similarities between them:

Both were illegitimate children of the previous emperors of their respective worlds- Zanbazil is the son of the emperor by an extramarital affair, Honerva was most likely the mistress of the previous emperor (or his child bearer) thus bearing Daibazaal since the emperor never referred to Honerva even once as his mother and only called her "Honerva" all throughout and doesn't treat her very well (ex. Daibazaal yells at her). Either way, Zanbazil's mother may have been a lower rank official, possibly a witch in Boazan (that's my assumption).  Daibazaal may have most likely taken over the throne by force with the help of his mother Honerva to occupy the Galran throne and threw it into darkness and turmoil.  Both are also extreme racists.

Both want to rule the Universe- Zanbazil when he became emperor declared conquest of the Universe.  Daibazaal when he became emperor did the same.  Both of them want to conquer just about everything.  Difference is, Daibazaal's conquests were shown more than that of Zanbazil's.

Both had a prince to do their dirty work- Zanbazil had his cousin's son Heinel (who is a possible heir due to nobility) and for Daibazaal, his son Sincline.  Both of their possible heirs are ruthless but at times, honorable fighters and at times, dirty fighters.  Both had their possible heirs dismissed due to failures.  Also both of them were overthrown by their own enforcers.  Heinel killed Zanbazil in a fit of rage for corruption.  In the case of Sincline, it was power play making Heinel less of a villain than Sincline.

Both had a skull emblem- It should be something that Galra's sign is almost close to that of Boazan, a horned skull except Galra apparently seems more corrupt.

Both treat slaves way miserably- Watching Voltes V uncut, one can see almost the same amount of violence with the one present in Golion.  Both of them could care less how many lives are killed as long as they can have their power and glory.

Both are ultimately cowards- No doubt.  Both of them let their henchmen do their work and blame them for plans go wrong without taking any blame themselves.  In short, they are sneaky traitors who are most likely to cower when they have no resources left to do their dirty work which is revealed in the climatic episodes.


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