Megaforce Episode Two...

So far, so good for me or am I being shallow minded?  Moving on... pictures taken from

So it's another day of school and there's that pop quiz.  So there's a bit of interesting bits we see... Troy has a meeting with Creepox, Jake HATES pop quizzes (and so do I) and of course their professor Mr. Burley can be unreliable.

A little bit of interaction between Mr. Burly and Jake.  I liked this scene so I guess he might defend him in the future.  A better character than Phenomenus if you ask me.

I could say that footage splicing was done properly.  Well, I guess they have a budget now but I hope they can do better.

It's the premier of the Gosei Megazord.  Not anything special but still good.  Then again, I should give Goseiger a second chance.

And a little bit of a moral lesson that both Super Sentai and Power Rangers enjoy about teamwork.  Now I just had a thought that compared to PR Samurai, I'll probably hang out a bit longer than usual not ever since my status as a Power Rangers fan is shaking due to bad writing it constantly suffers from.


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