Some Things About Power Rangers Megaforce

First I'll say that I think the first episode of Megaforce does not suck for me despite the stupid fact that Gosei remained asleep despite the number of times aliens landed on their world.  Now here's what I find irritating....  can't Saban find better theme songs than repeating the MMPR theme song?  It does get annoying eventually. Saban was able to create other theme songs so WHY NOT really and seriously consider making a new theme song for Megaforce?  It's just pretty annoying.  If and only if Saban coudl learn a few things from how Toei does Super Sentai music and all, he should really consider changing the Megaforce theme song because rehashing the MMPR theme song is going to bore people sooner or later.  I don't need mouthwash from this compared to horrid Power Rangers seasons like Dino Not-Thunder, Operation Overdork, Power Rangers Samurai, Jungle Juice and Mystic Foul.  He should have learned from the successes of Power Rangers in Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force, Wild Force and Ninja Storm.

Getting a better chick doesn't produce a better quality show.  I'll say first, there are really more hot girls in Super Sentai than Power Rangers (now that's a stupid reason to add Super Sentai into a Power Rangers' fan library for that reason!), in this case Gia is hot, hot and hot but if they really can't get the show to be better, make better aesthetics then she's just a wasted trump card like Kimberly became in MMPR.

Saban should also consider that his Power Rangers is NOT always meant for an older audience.  I mean it's RATED TV-Y7-FV, that means the audiences are mostly children who may not even know of the older Power Rangers.  The older fans will LOOK for something else.  They might even want to watch Super Sentai instead of the licensed adaptation Power Rangers.  Like I'll say I want to rewatch more Super Sentai than Power Rangers even if both shows can be considered as "kiddie".  And I also thought Saban WILL you try to stop making references to MMPR.  Little kids DO NOT know who Zordon is!!!!  You need to cater to a NEW generation of Power Rangers fans- haven't you learned from the mistakes you had in Power Rangers Samurai?

Morphing's just okay, I think they could fight even if it's not really that great.  But my problem has to be how Saban really should consider that it's an entire new generation of children he's catering.  These children need to see newer stuff, not recycled stuff to the point it becomes really bad.  Also Emma is NOT Kimberly, don't put Kimberly's words into her mouth.


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