Will Andrew Gray Be the Next Conan? My Iffy Thoughts.

Well I had my thoughts that I would admit that Spanish-American model Andrew Gray might be a good candidate to play any barbarian superhero or Conan. I dunno if another Conan film will be feasible provided that Jason Momoa's version flunked very bad.

You'll have to consider that Andrew Gray has black hair and blue eyes.  Compared to Rick Medina though, I don't think he's a douche so maybe he'll get along with others.  Plus, I don't think is acting his subpar, it can be improved but one thing has to be noted- he's currently signed into a children's show and there's "contractual purity" before he can leap into the world of the adult Conan the Barbarian.

You might want to consider he's just got the right muscle size.  So far, he might do well for a Conan parody though than an actual Conan since for one, I am really disappointed in how Hollywood's productions are so sloppy as of late.  Now only if we can get the right characters and script to help with the Conan script that I'd probably call "Conan the Adventurer" as a TV series maybe just tone it down whatddya think?  In fact, I want to use the more morally upright Conan with a bad temper.

I dunno if this can even work.  Hee hee hee.. or maybe just make a whole Conan parody.  Either one of these two girls can play the leading girl or a one-shot love interest.

I just thought we might restore the whole Snake Cult jive from the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and try to find any actor with a not so dark brown complexion to play the villain.  Plus he has to be renamed as Thoth-Amon.

If everybody insists that Thulsa Doom should be used, use the more accurate one instead with the vicious warlord personality than charismatic cult leader.  Of course, we can't have Frank Langella in due to his old age... anybody can do if they can act a villain part well.


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