Emperor Zanbazil and Emperor Daibazaal Compared

Well here's our two contestants and let's compare them...

Emperor Zanbazir

Series: Voltes V
Known relatives: 123rd Emperor of Boazan (father), a retarded half-brother, La Gour/Dr. Kentaro Gou (cousin and adoptive brother), unnamed uncle, unnamed aunt, Prince Heinel (second degree nephew), Kenichi Gou (second degree nephew), Daigorou Gou (second degree nephew), Hiyoshi Gou (second degree nephew), Lozaria (cousin-in-law), Mitsuki Gou (cousin-in-law)


Zanbazil was born between the affair of his father the previous emperor and an unknown woman resulting to this child born out of wedlock.  Maybe, just maybe his father was so upset about him having a retarded older half-brother.  Maybe he grew up as an outcast of sorts and was determined to be Emperor of Boazan. When his father died, he eyed the throne and had to find every dirt he could at La Gour and when he found out of La Gour's being hornless, he immediately was crowned emperor and he began to mistreat La Gour for the sake of his sadism.  To make things worse, he separated La Gour from Lozaria and in his later plans, he wants to conquer the Universe.  Typical.  But let's see... he has a long running feud with La Gour who later escaped to Earth and took the alias Kentaro Gou.

Obviously this guy if he doesn't get what he wants, you die.  In fact, he was willing to make Kentaro Gou again the minister of science so he can further his selfish purposes of conquering the Universe.  When refused, he ordered the death of La Gour but he was beaten in another rebellion.  Of course, this didn't go well when his second-degree nephew Prince Heinel came forth.  Heinel was a possible heir to the throne since for some reason, Zanbazil chose to remain single but may have had countless women in his life.  For one, he sent Heinel to invade Earth in hopes of getting rid of him since he wouldn't let any memory of La Gour cling to the memories of Boazan.  He of course was aware of La Gour being Kentaro Gou and he didn't have any qualms of fighting the half-Boazanians, the Gou brothers.

He had two attempts to get rid of Heinel- first through Zuhl but it failed, Zaki also failed and then it was through General Bergan who he sent to "aid" Heinel.  He betrayed Heinel for his own convenience which he soon faced this karma dearly.  In the final battle, he proved he was so much of a coward after his attempts to get rid of Voltes V himself failed.  Eventually when things ran out of his favor, he tried to escape with little what he had left with a grenade, threatening to kill them if they prevented his escape.  In the end, he blamed Heinel hoping to get away but he was killed by the latter, a really karmic death if you ask me!

Emperor Zanbazil:

Series: Golion
Known relatives: Previous emperor of Galra (father), Honerva (mother, but not revealed until episode 51, why he never knew that is unknown), Sincline (son)


Nothing is known about him except he was the bastard son of the previous Galran Emperor and Honerva, something that wasn't easily brought up in the series until the last minute.  Nothing is known why the previous emperor had an affair with Honerva and why the matter of him being Honerva's son was never brought up until episode 51 of the series.  The whole scandal of his birth was hardly mentioned.  All that was known when he was in his early 30s in Galran years, he took a gorgeous Altean woman he lusted after against his will and probably married her and they had a child named Sincline.  How he even came to power remains unknown but possibly, he had his mommy to help him while never knowing her as his mother for some reason.  So he had several blonde women as slaves which his son had a liking for.  For one, he doesn't even respect his son or two, he is a huge brat with tantrum issues and gets overly reliant on Honerva.

When Sadak had one failure too many, he went ballistic and attempted to kill him by himself.  Of course, this was really his own tantrums.  He then appointed his son Sincline to be head of the invasion mission which of course, he opposes the latter's infatuation with Farla but seems to tolerate the latter's capturing of blonde girls.  His own temper was obviously making him go crazy, even to want to get rid of his own son Sincline and of course, this guy just doesn't take the blame for his failures.  He soon ordered his own son Sincline's execution out of anger but the tables were turned down on him.  Sincline soon forced him to pilot the Mecha Beastman Galra which was in his image.  He nearly won against Golion but was defeated, leading to his rather valiant death in battle.  


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