Just My Poison Ivy Fantasy

Well after I have re-imagined Poison Ivy, I have begun to write about her origins.  Here's what I was thinking about her origins- I pretty much toned her down.  So here goes:

Earlier years

Pamela Isley started off as a daughter of well-to-do parents who were friends with the Wayne family.  Here, she was an infatuation of Bruce Wayne in their later years, becoming frenemies with him considering their on/off relationship.  During her College years, she and Bruce Wayne had a love/hate relationship that would continue as Batman and Poison Ivy, something they considered as tensions towards each other especially she had an unfortunate encounter with him, which nearly got her pregnant.

Power Revealed

My approach here is different and darker.  After Bruce had gone pretty bad, really bad... he had actually molested her.  However during that time, she discovered she had some superhuman abilities that were awakened in her distress.  She used some of the flowers that Bruce gave to her to create a weapon to escape, though she believed it was ethically wrong to kill him.  But she escaped, humiliated and forced to endure such torment.  Bruce took part of the creation of Poison Ivy.  At the same time, she saw herself as one to protect nature.

Feud with Batman

The feud with Batman was never easy.  Though Bruce had changed for the better, Pamela calling herself as Poison Ivy had a frequent running feud with him and at times, they both had to join forces against other common foes like the Joker.  Unlike the other versions, she hasn't teamed up with other criminals while she had a short-term friendship with Harley Quinn, she finds herself attracted to Batman while it was mingled with hatred since she knew who he was by spying on him.  She was attracted to Batman but hated Bruce, because of the trauma she had and she was not even avenged thus making her a vigilante.

However at this point, Batman and Poison Ivy had their uneasy alliance not to mention uneasy attraction considering the latter's extremist methods.  Even other superheroes thought Batman had gone crazy to actually team up with her.  At some point, Poison Ivy and Batman both rescued each other from different scenarios.

Marriage with Batman

The whole issue was that Pamela fell for Bruce regardless of the hatred she had for him.  After becoming a member of the Justice League, she wanted to marry him and she did.  During that time, she gave up her identity as Poison Ivy and was only known as Pamela Wayne.  She eventually got pregnant which nearly killed her, as her immune system was lowered, but was later cured by a rare jungle herb allowing her to give birth to her son, Demetrius Wayne.


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