Power Rangers Megaforce and Kamen Rider Fourze Similarities?

While watching Power Rangers Megaforce and Kamen Rider Fourze, was it possible that even if the whole Fourze adaptation was a hoax all along, that the producers took KR Fourze characteristics to these guys?  They're not all alike but I can't help but notice these...

Troy and Shun- While I don't really think Justin Tomimori would play any red ranger character but I just thought, Troy and Shun are both the beefy characters in their series.  One plays football, the other is a martial artist but still, both are basically the beefy characters.  Hmmm to be honest, I wish Megaforce had a Gentarou Kisaragi type of red ranger instead!

Jake Holling and Gentarou Kisaragi- They are the weird guys of the show.  Both also wear black.

Noah Carver and Kengo Utahoshi - They are the geniuses of their shows who come up with different gadgets.

Gia Moran and Miu Kazahiro- They are both the "hottest girls in school" in their shows but other than that, they differ in personality.  Gia is more of a Mary Sue over Miu.

Perhaps I can't find any comparison for Emma Goodall (she's not even close to Tomoko or Yuki) or Orion... just my two cents!


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