A Brain Freeze with Megaforce Huh?!

I'll just admit that from Kalish era and now to Neo-Saban era, Power Rangers has died in my head.  As of right now, I don't know what Mr. Smith is thinking about Power Rangers.  As a fan of Power Rangers to a certain extent, I would admit that I hate to admit it but, Saban's return had just crashed the franchise again.  The guy needs better writers and producers!  And now for why I've ended up not continuing with Megaforce... just some silly ramblings okay?

So let me get it straight... guilty pleasures don't last long either.  And I will admit although I am pretty feeble minded at times over pretty girls but it doesn't mean, I am that shallow.  So just my confession, I was watching it because I found Ciara Hanna hot but... I'll have to confess that the show is rushed and boring.  Sometimes, I am forced to confess that PR Megaforce is really Megacrap because of rush writing, inconsistent scripting, laaaazy editing (to the point pre-Zyu Sentai is added with little or no explanation), bad scheduling, whatever... it's just getting pretty bad on me.  Again, I find myself choosing to watch Spongebob over Power Rangers.  And maybe Spongebob if he were real, would be watching Super Sentai over Power Rangers.  Ciara Hanna can act but... yeah it still doesn't save the show!  Andrew Gray is well... a robot!

I would probably want to also rant about the poorly done MMPR references.  So Emma is your new Kimberly but FAILS... and then you have Gosei as Zordon... FAILS and Tetnsou as Alpha Five... FAILS! I would probably rant about the rushed transition.  So yeah, Gokaiger was used but I felt like, come on Gosei do you have an explanation for Jake why his upgrade form is green?!  I may be just biased considering that I'm not enjoying newer seasons of Super Sentai either.  If you ask me, the cast of writers and producers could have also tried looking at some past Super Sentai references.  I mean Judd Lynn himself may have been reading Hirohisa Soda's works... and he has done some interesting stuff even if he does write bad finales, he does interesting stuff.

If one person is a REAL turn-off it's TROY!  Yeah him... he's almost so emotionless.  I was thinking man, Justin Tomimori does a WAY better job than he can ever do.  I mean, he's so emotionless it kinda bothers me what's in his head?!  And I was thinking, is the actor himself going to be another douchebag?  I don't know yet.  But on the other hand, you might as well think that hey at least Jayden had some emotions.  I know PR Samurai has bland acting but at least, I can say to a point, none of them were robotic and were trying their best.  Troy is probably really boring, just boring.

Personally, I feel like it's time for me to turn on the neutral switch on Power Rangers as well.  I mean, I have turned on my neutral switch on newer seasons of Super Sentai at the same time.


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