Kamen Rider Black RX's Shoutout to Metal Hero Series

One of the things I've failed to notice before was how Kamen Rider Black RX had its shout-out to Metal Hero series.  Here are some of them:

The swords of Black RX and Bio Rider.  Black RX in his default form uses a Laser Blade similar to that of the Space Sheriffs.  As Bio Rider, his sword his similar to that of Shaider, the blue color is even a shout-out to it! =P

Grand Lord Crisis would be one you can consider a shout-out to Demon King Psycho and Don Horror.  Like Don Horror, the final battle was only him as a head against Black RX.  Like Demon King Psycho, he also used an extension of himself.  Also Crisis Empire like Makuu, exists in another dimension seeking to attack other dimensions to rule for itself.

Colonel Tasmader is supposedly the Imperial inspector, actually he IS Grand Lord Crisis' other body.  Like Umibozu/Psychorror in Sharivan, Grand Lord Crisis is an extension of Grand Lord Crisis explaining why he survived two fatal life attempts on him.  Grand Lord Crisis used the personality of Grand Lord Crisis to spit at the incompetence of his troops.  In episodes 42 and 46, while they can be seen together, episode 46-47 also reveals that he is an extension of Grand Lord Crisis, which allows Grand Lord Crisis to use two bodies at once.

One may consider the fact that before Atsuko Takahata played as Maribaron, she was Witch Gilza in Juspion.  She later became Reiko (perhaps her meanest role) of the Super Science Network in Janperson.

Gatezone's robot monsters are similar to the monsters in Metalder.


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