Not Even Eye Candy Saves Power Rangers Megaforce!

Sorry but no amount of eye candy can save a bad season!

So much for my hopes of decent revival with Saban... and it's two disappointing (or four) in a row.  Power Rangers Samurai was mediocre, Power Rangers Megaforce is nothing more than a bad mish mash/hodge podge.  So let's get stated shall we with problems with the show!  I'll give my honest opinion to why I think the show is really bad and no amount of eye candy can save it!

Too MUCH MMPR milking.

It's already bad enough to get the MMPR theme rehashed and vandalized by the company that made it.  You try to think that the show could have been good if you milk MMPR.  Seriously what in the world are Mr. Krabs' current staff thinking?!  Nothing wrong if they wanted another season of teenagers with attitude, JUST DO IT RIGHT.

Maybe Jake the Snake is the only one who feels original.  On the other hand, Noah is an obvious Zack/Billy hybrid.  Both Gia and Emma are failed versions of Kimberly in the long run.  I would dare say Emma is really annoying and Gia isn't getting more focus other than being a display item.  Gia is the only character that I like and she doesn't get focus nor does she interest me in the long run.

As for Andrew Gray as Troy, he's probably better off acting as a robot than a human being.  Even Metalder had more emotions than Troy.  I really hate to admit it but while he's a pretty boy but he's more of a display item.  Being attractive is just packaging.  Sad to say but his acting is so stiff (fortunately he doesn't overact) that I can't help but think he should really play as a robot.

Another complaint is Gosei and Tensou.  Now it's a nice thing to tribute to Goseiger but my problem is... seriously you have to link Gosei to Zordon?!  Come on, most kids don't know who Zordon is!  I thought that it's a very poor imitation.  I even think that Moak and Bokku in Gingaman may be similar to Zordon and Alpha Five but not a blatant copy.  This one is really where it falls badly.

Bad plot pacing and writing.  

While it seems cool (at first) to cram in Goseiger and Gokaiger into Megaforce BUT the idea is bad in the long run.  First half is rush, second half is rush.  Sad to say but this is one season I just watch as a guilty pleasure, nothing more.  In fact, I can really say the pacing is SOOOOOOOOOO BAD it's really trash-worthy.  I even think all the bad pacing is so painful to watch.  Gia is a guilty pleasure, nothing more than that for me.  Sigh.  So everything is mega-rushed which again, I might give Power Rangers Samurai a slightly higher score.

I have nothing against Vrak being linked to the Armada but the way things go, it's too rushed.  You just jump in one mecha after the other, introduce the Gokaiger suits.  It's too obvious it's a real toy sale commercial.

Pre-Zyuranger suits are used when none of them ever made it into the Power Rangers mix, even Dairanger enters in.

It had me thinking, there are OTHER WAYS to introduce Super Sentai to Power Rangers fans.  It's a product of LAZINESS.  Come on, why not refilm and not confuse the audience?!  Why not just write a SEPARATE FEATURE about Sentai before Zyuranger, talk about how things change and NOT CONFUSE THE AUDIENCE ANY FURTHER!

So Zyuranger has legitimate English subs already.  But still, none of the incorporation of the pre-Zyuranger suits really does any good promotion for Super Sentai towards Power Rangers.  If Saban wants to talk about Sentai, he should make a video presentation about it and why it didn't reach the U.S. as to explain why Power Rangers had to exist.  Saban shouldn't just integrate "this and that" into Power Rangers and "boom" name it "Blitz" or "insert name" since both Super Sentai and Power Rangers were meant to be different shows in spite of the latter using footage from the former.  Still, when the footage is used for Power Rangers, it was meant for that show.

You can't deny really that a cheap budget and everything, it's not even a real legendary gathering either.  So yawn.  I don't know if my opinion on Megaforce will change either.  But as of right now, I'm extremely biased towards the show itself.  Where has the old Saban gone when we enjoyed better seasons like Lost Galaxy and Time Force?!

On the other hand, if you really want a show that's got eye candy and content... you might as well watch Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.  You have Takeru and Ryunosuke for the boys, really hot Mako and Kotoha (who I view is another Ako Hayakasa) without having a terrible storyline.  It's got issues I love to raise (ex. mecha overload) but overall, this show has both eye candy and content compared to Megaforce/Super Megaforce.


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