How I Wish Power Rangers Megaforce Got Carried Out!

When I learned Toei and Saban both mutually agreed to skip Gobusters for Kyoryuger because of their GREEEEED... I suddenly thought that maybe Megaforce could have been more tolerable IF they chose to stick to Goseiger and SKIP Gokaiger.  While I'm not saying, "They'll ruin my precious Gokaiger...", the problem is using Gokaiger footages into the show ruined the show's flow with 20 hurried episodes, first half and second half.

Why would I stick to Goseiger and skip Gokaiger?  I want to make sure that the plot becomes consistent and not one huge failed toy commercial.  I know it's an anniversary but it doesn't have to use Gokaiger footage.  Unfortunately, maybe Toei just got too greedy and allowed Saban to make a Mega-Disaster just to sell toys.  How should the show be carried out?  I started to look at it... if you want to have teenagers with attitude, fine, but don't milk too much from MMPR.  Here's what I started to think to how the characters could've been done.

At least five of these teenagers would've formed a silly Sentai!

What could have been done is to try and conceptualize a Power Rangers team with Shun as the red ranger (Troy), Gentaro as the black ranger (Jake), Kengo as the blue ranger, Miu as the yellow ranger and well maybe Yuki as the pink ranger for laughs (but Emma as Tomoko may be better).  So that means it's bye bye for Tomoko and JK from the cast with my choice.  Jake wouldn't be crushing over Gia, instead he'd just want to befriend everyone including Troy.  Troy can keep that robotic personality, it just needs a backstory and then some development.  Plus, NO GOKAIGER FOOTAGE to be used whatsoever.

I always thought of the possibility of having Emma as a Yuki character (but please find another actress over Christina Masterson) and she isn't immediately best friends with Gia who I'll make the queen of the school.  This of course, Troy is pretty much a stuck up guy like Shun was in Fourze but he develops along the way.  He does become the team leader, at first he gets high and mighty about it but later (early on anyway) he gets a humbling experience that makes him a better leader.  I could also have Gia have a bit of Miu's personality where she becomes the de-facto leader of the Power Rangers Megaforce team.  I'll have some development between Troy and Gia all throughout the series focusing on solely on remaking Goseiger's plots for the American audience.  JUST. SKIP. GOKAIGER.  That means, Orion will not exist as a result.

I started to think that well, keep some creative direction where Vrak (Buredoran) will be the ultimate force of malevolence manipulating all three of them.  I would probably still keep the mutants plot in adapting the Yuumaju.  In my own scenario, I might try to get rid of the taking over each other and instead, making them rival groups all manipulated by Vrak himself.  Vrak himself reveals his plan to drown the world into darkness and reshape it into his own image.  That is, the finale will be using Goseiger's plots to which Vrak dies to it.  All these plots should change the characters all for the better.

The finale itself could either be graduation or the senior prom which happens after they defeat Vrak, give up their powers back to Gosei and well it's time to say farewell.  I would prefer a bit of a prom where Troy asks Gia to dance with him.  It might end the finale with a kiss or something.


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