Looking For Love in the Wrong Places: Jake Holling and Gia Moran!

Seriously I can't buy this! This kiss should have been for Troy!

I had my thought on Megaforce's all of a sudden Gia warms up to Jake, she even kisses him. I mean, she was practically annoyed by him. Looking at how the season was, I always thought that the whole attraction freaking lacked development. I would have accepted this IF there was really some development between them. The whole scene in the finale was well... Megaforced on the audiences.

The more I look at it, the more I thought that Jake spent the whole season stalking Gia who wasn't a bit impressed by him. Meanwhile Gia was so tsundere over him. Now one can always bring up the couples in Timeranger and Time Force (Yuuri and Jen are cold bitches towards their respective red rangers) but remember, both Yuuri and Jen slowly warmed up. Gia NEVER did warm up a bit for most of the run. I mean, just because they fought together, doesn't make them lovey dovey material!

Seriously, having these two guys married at the end was bad shipping

I think Gia suddenly kissing Jake was just like the whole wedding of Nago and Megumi (which Inoue probably wrote for a comedic finale). I mean, Gia was sort of like Megumi Aso in Kamen Rider Kiva towards Jake. Jake was sort of the Spider Fangire stalking her. Maybe I could even compare it to Megumi warming up to Spider Fangire's advances which is just uncalled for. The Gia/Jake sudden relationship is no better than that really stupid finale of Kiva. I mean neither is really an acceptable joke in the long run.

You'll see Gia, you'll kiss me at the finale...

Also for one, the whole scene where Gia falls on Jake is just, just stupid. I mean, it's not even shipping material at all. It's one sided attraction and Jake has done nothing to impress Gia. They should have given in some development to make the couple easier to accept but no, it's just so sudden that she decided to date him in the finale.

Not the best but... it can still be easier to buy...

Compared to Ryu and Kaori in Jetman, now Ryu could have liked Kaori eventually. Kaori was head over heels with Ryu and she could have just recovered that feeling after a year or two Vyram fell. She helped Ryu overcome his grief of Rie's death and that, Ryu could have also reciprocated that feeling. I mean, Ryu marrying Kaori may not be really good writing but it was acceptable for me. I mean it happened three years later and anything could have happened.

Plus, having Gia date Jake feels like Kimberly dating Skull (which never happened). Also in a thrown away draft, Skull had supposedly married Kimberly which is just wrong, plain wrong. Ugh.

Meanwhile I always thought that Troy and Gia should have been together instead. I mean, they had their moments together and Gia looks like she's the type to be attracted to Troy. But instead, the writers had to really force Jake and Gia together. Were they really wanting to push an interracial romance for the sake of it?!


  1. One of the worst pairings alongside DaigoXAmy.....

    And Tzachor is just one of the worst writers ever! I hope Saban fired him already...


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