Wishful Thinking: Gia Moran's Character Execution in Power Rangers Megaforce!

After ranting on Troy's character execution, I could talk about Gia's execution as well.  Considering she's the most popular girl in school or as Noah says, "You don't stand a chance Jake, she's the hottest girl in school.", there could somewhere Saban could borrow an idea from Toei.  Come on, Saban's staff had the rights to access Toei's library of sorts.  I mean, if Toei has copied some of their ideas (ex. the whole idea of a Decade/Shinkenger crossover) so why not copy from Toei's library if you're not having ideas as of late?

The person I could think of who could have been used on Gia is Miu Kazashiro.  In what way?  Well both characters are the head beauties in school, they also have their head bitch in charge attitudes like...

Well you see what I mean?  Gia herself had the HBIC personality so I thought that making her a tomboy wasn't exactly all that feasible.  I may talk about how Emma could have been executed another day.  But I thought Gia herself could have been used as the "campus queen" twice a year with Emma as her best friend.  I could use that plot a bit like in the whole episode where she and Emma temporarily become enemies but later reconcile at the end of the episode.

I could probably try to use her to expand Troy, or reach out to him.  Maybe at first, she's dating him all thanks to Troy's overly controlling father who says, "A king should date only a queen."  Then we can reveal more of Gia like she has the same parental problems with Troy.  Heck, maybe we can also have Troy forcibly meet another girl then... Troy admits he truly loves Gia.  Something like that could have worked better than a forced romance between Jake and Gia.  Trying to fix the finale arc would do and I think I could really work in yet another comedic scene.

A much better ending than that horribly written Jake and Gia kiss!

Or another, the finale could have worked better if Gia was kissing Troy instead of Jake.  Although insert, I might want to write a similar scene where Gia asks Jake to dance with her at the prom, like how Miu asked Gentaro to dance with her but not in the romantic sense.  That could have created some interesting conflict between members or somewhat.  I just thought of what could be a funny scene of the Megaforce Rangers graduating or something.

This should have happened to Troy and Gia at the finale...

Maybe they can have their prom night (like MMPR's intended ending) where Troy and Gia are both at the prom.  Well I could have Troy proposing to Gia and to add a little gag, somebody with a huge ring passes by for laughs which may not be possible due to the fact Nickelodeon won't adapt Kamen Rider Wizard (unless they want to make Timmy Turner a Kamen Rider).  Whatever, I just felt like I wanted a prom where Gia and Troy are dancing or something.


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