Wishful Thinking: Troy's Character Execution in Megaforce!

I started viewing some of Andrew Gray's Youtube videos and discovered he can act to a certain extent and that the show killed any potential for him to improve.  I was trying to rewatch some Kamen Rider Fourze episodes since Justin Tomimori had similar acting problems to see how Troy could have been dealt with.  The difference has to be how the show executed the character.  Troy ends up becoming rock bottom boring because he is totally mysterious with no backstory, no emotion, no whatsoever which really just annoys me.  Worse, by watching some of Andrew Gray's videos, he's nothing like his character and that he doesn't overact so why not give him the opportunity to act?

While watching Kamen Rider Fourze, I remembered Justin Tomimori's (who is half-Australian) character Shun Daimonji (and the actor sort of looks like Andrew Gray too).  I thought that Shun suffered from being robotic because his father, demands too much from him.  Parents have the right to be demanding but his father was too demanding.  I started to think of how I can start to fit in a similar story to Troy Burrows.  I mean, it's not like as if Toei isn't allowing Saban to copy stuff from other shows.  Saban's staff has all of the previous seasons to copy ideas from and Toei is giving them permission to do so.

So how can this fit into Troy?  I think Troy could have a few episodes of being mysterious then we have the problem of his father.  I don't mind too much of a repeat of Timeranger/Time Force of a red ranger with father issues.  I might put it into Troy where his father demands too much from him and then he acts like some jerk like Shun does.  Later on, Troy gets annoyed by bullies because his own father bullied him.  We can also bring up his parents and how frustrated he is with life.  He could stand up and say, "Sorry dad but there are more important things to do!"

Megaforce 9
Another element I might change is I might not even write the whole Jake is attracted to Gia thing at all... and make Jake the "Gentaro Kisaragi" of the show but not necessarily that Jake is the red ranger.  I just thought of how Troy and Gia (and I could not even accept it that Gia just kissed Jake at the end of the show with no development) could have been a better couple.  If you think of it, Gia's role is more like Miu.  Okay she is a Kimberly to the show, at least one half of it anyway or a certain fraction, the other fraction is misplaced in Emma.

I had my thought also on Troy's shirtless scene, it made me think that Levira (under the influence of the love potion) could have fallen for Troy instead of Jake.  With some original footage, it could really work.  I might have Troy have a workout scene where his manly appearance and some love potion spells him total disaster.  I thought attempting to have Andrew Gray force to act out a scene like that would have helped Troy out.  I mean, the actor doesn't overact at all, he just needs more effort.  I thought it could have been funnier if Troy not Jake got into the Levira incident.  It could have been a load full of laughs if Troy were that victim.  I mean, why not use his attractive appearance to attract disaster than just him as a display figure throughout the series?

Megaforce 38
My thoughts also when Troy was captured, I thought I might have had carried on the plot of Marvelous' near death sentence.  I don't think I'll have Troy heltmetless on ranger mode, no, I'd probably just have him near to his death.  I guess we can have his own family kick in (again) to which his father realizes the mistakes he's had in raising Troy.  I mean, have everyone see the totally new Troy thanks to his experience of being a Power Ranger - not fighting for self-glorification but for others.

It made me think of how a Troy/Gia relationship can copy some elements from Kamen Rider Fourze.  If one can give Troy a backstory like Shun's to at least justify his robotic behavior, I would have Gia be the person to break his cold hard shell.  Some may want to pair off Troy with Emma but I'm a Troy and Gia shipper through and through.  When trying to work out an otherwise hurriedly done script, some character development may have saved the show.  I even thought how the finale could have worked out as well.

How does the finale work its way out?  I thought I might have Jake actually trying to pursue becoming an astronaut (in reference to Gentaro Kisaragi), Noah wants to become a researcher, Emma well I don't know.  But I thought it might be something to actually have a scene where Troy and Gia kiss deeply or something like that.  To be honest, Troy was a character whose potential writing all got killed by Jonathan Tzachor!


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