Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Season 1 vs. Power Rangers Megaforce: Why One Morphinomenally Succeeded, The Other Megafailed!

Well it's time for me to discuss on the Megafailure that is Megaforce... looks like my really utter dislike for the series hasn't faded.  So really, what went wrong?  After several super bad seasons of Power Rangers, I guess it's best I stay neutral but, I am still concerned over its fandom might have been hurt hence hurting Toei's returns in the long run.

Nothing can be more annoying when Power Rangers Megaforce has outdone Power Rangers Operation Overdrive as a bad season right?  Right now, I even think Samurai has outdone Operation Overdrive.  Megaforce, Megafails and well... I can't deny that even Power Rangers fans can go critical on the show.  Even as a Sentai fan, I can go critical on some shows of Super Sentai which as of right now, I have gone into the state of Kamen Rider "purism" then again, I berate Decade is a terrible show also.  Looks like Megaforce really suffers the problems of Kamen Rider Decade of having a very loose, almost non-existent plot but in due fairness, the latter wasn't lazy.

I could talk about the cast.  Everything's just imbalanced for me.  Troy, oh wow I don't really blame Andrew Gray but the writers.  Now take a look at Andrew Gray's videos... he's hardly robotic even if his acting is so-so... I mean, there is hardly any personality in him.  Ciara Hanna can act but her character Gia is so much of a head bitch in charge.  Emma, ugh you know I freaking dislike her, she's a terrible, terrible Kimberly wannabe as I love to emphasize it.  Jake's just a creepy stalker and Noah, probably the only person I could stand.  UGH!  The whole cast felt so plastic for me and acting is mostly, mostly terrible combined with horrible writing, you can't expect success!

When you think about Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, well it was supposed to end in 40 episodes but the fan demand and cultural difference in America caused Toei to release the "Zyu2 footage" which was meant for Saban's use only, until Saban started filming more of his own footage.  Speakign of footage, I noticed how Megaforce hardly used its own footage vs. later Power Rangers seasons that really had its own footage and Koichi Sakamoto (but then I have lost my trust in the guy after Girl's Blood.  Now to talk about the cast.

MMPR itself may not be the best cast around, I still think 99% of the Zyuranger cast did their job better save for Reiko Chiba vs. Amy Jo Johnson.  Again, it's just a personal bias that I think Amy Jo Johnson was able to carry out her part as Kimberly better while Reiko Chiba sounded like a chipmunk, but still Zyuranger over MMPR in the long run.  What MMPR had over Megaforce in the midst of cheap budget and some bad editing was a likable cast who blended in properly, some decent acting and it still had a visible storyline.  I could always say that the charm of MMPR for the American audience is not so easily replicated after all.


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