Washing Off Power Rangers Megafail Off The Mind Ain't Easy!

Yes Power Rangers Megafail was indeed the worst route I could take from choosing between Power Rangers Samurai, Kyoryuger, Megaforce and ToQGer.  Sure the show has a load of eye candy but eye candy will NEVER save a bad show.  I always felt that the show will always leave a very, very bad memory in my head... so much for me overly whining on Bruce Kalish's era.  Moving on.... washing it off my mind requires a lot of backtracking instead of forwarding which I have done it this way... and it may work for you.

Here are some shows that may help get rid of the bad feeling, backtracking wise:

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger might be good if you are looking for BOTH eye candy and quality in one show.  Now it's easy to like Mako and Kotoha for shallow and pitiful reasons but you'll realize there's more than just a hottie and a cutie in one show.  Although this isn't the best of Yasuko Kobayashi's writing jobs and she's not really that good with comedy but the show has what Megaforce lacks - eye candy who can REALLY act and no head bitch in charge attitudes here.  You have Takeru, Ryunosuke, Mako and Kotoha who are an attractive cast who can REALLY ACT.  Also, it has a lot of decent writing that while it may not be the best, it's definitely MILES above Megaforce and Samurai.  Mako fills the Kimberly nostalgia void far better than Emma.

Or check out the two shows that Megaforce was based from namely Goseiger and Gokaiger.  Now remember, I am biased with Goseiger and well, it's more cutie loaded but so what?  The cast of Goseiger can act, it's way more consistent than Megaforce and it's got better writing (even if personally, I don't like Goseiger).  Gokaiger is a real fun anniversary season as Sentai's 35th anniversary season though I don't easily recommend it if you are still that new to Super Sentai.  Then again, it's just my opinion.

For a wacky anniversary show, look no further than one of my favorites Gougou Sentai Boukenger but you may not like it IF you aren't a fan of adventure shows.  Boukenger is a season long adventure of hunting down the Precious from the Negative Syndicate which is sub-divided into Godom, Jaryuu, Dark Shadow and the Questers.  Plus, the show has solid acting.  Natsuki and Sakura should be better choices but Shinkenger for me has better writing and eye candy.

Again, you may want to watch the first 40 episodes of MMPR again.  MMPR's first season still stands out against Megaforce and well, there was really no use milking it because Megaforce's cast, most of them really don't stand out.  Well by now, you know how Emma does not stand against Kimberly.  Well you got to think about it, MMPR may not be the best show in the list but I still can watch it without too much of a reaction.  Plus, I really have to say that Amy Jo Johnson's acting is WAY better than Christina Masterson.

Now here's probably the biggest antidote against Megafail is Denji Sentai MEGAranger.  Now the show's not that so much eye candy filled unless you really think Kouichirou (the show's Gary Stu) and Shun are good-looking.  For one, Chisato for me is really, really pretty and she's far sweeter than Gia/Megaforce Yellow and she is a true Mega-Chick and she's that hot.  Hehehehehe.  Again, Megaranger is truly the true Mega series so better watch it if you haven't with all its character development, writing, etc. makes it a true fun series to watch.

I hope this provides a good prescription.... hehehehehe!


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