Why I Think The Shinkenger Girl Team Rocks And The Megaforce Girl Team Sucks!

Well looking at how my feud with Power Rangers Megaforce is going, I can't help but write this entry.  Megaforce was an eye candy season, no questions asked but it's HORRID!  Now I'll just talk on the girls themselves.

I might as well talk about the Megaforce girls first and why I think they suck.  I personally have too much of a bias here.  So I have NOTHING against Ciara Hanna while I suffer from extreme dislike for Christina Masterson.  Now I can really rant on this one for a LOOOOOONG time.

For Emma, I can't help but be a broken record/looped song in saying she's NOT the new Kimberly and she SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS.  I guess from the first episode up to the very last, she really pisses me off with her overly cheery overacting.  Oh boy, I can't count the number of times I have done a facedesk thanks to her!  Plus that song of hers is really not impressive at all!

The other one is Ciara Hanna.  Sure she is eye candy and Ciara Hanna CAN act, but the problem I have is aside from the show's inferior quality writing, or two maybe because she should have been pink to start with.  My problem with her is that Head Bitch In Charge personality eventually gets annoying.  Although she's not as bad as Syd, but still.  But I'll admit, this is a very minor complaint compared to the previous complaint.

Now here's where why the Shinkenger girls rock.  Want better eye candy?  Watch Shinkenger and here's why...

Again, people know too much of my favoritism towards Mako though it's not as bad as it was before in a sense, she's dropped off my top ten favorites (and again so did the rest of the Shinkengers).  If you want another Kimberly, look no further than Mako.  Like Kimberly, she can sing, she's blunt, she's hot and overrated... and she totally beats Emma off!  Oh, she'll beat Gia too!

Well Kotoha's a cutie, not a hottie but still, you can't help but appreciate her.  Okay she's not as great as Ako in Jetman but she's still got the cuteness but get too much credit and she's also overrated.  Even without Mako, she still can get rid of the Megaforce girl team herself and I'd date her over Gia and Emma.


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