Megaman X7: The Most Horrendous Megaman X Game EVER!

Megaman X7 was going to the first Megaman X game to go for the Playstation 2, right after Megaman X6.  Now for me, Megaman X6 is a really cool, difficult game.  Now what's wrong with Megaman X7?  Bad dubbing, slow load times, bad graphics, inconsistent gameplay (shifting between 2D and 3D modes is a REAL PAIN)... those were really horrendous.

So what's with bad dubbing?  Man, my ears hurt listening to them I'd rather buy the Japanese version for better audio!  Megaman X4 had decent dubbing Megaman 8 had okay dubbing... this game has really bad English dubbing you might as well buy the Japanese version of the game and try to understand Japanese text if you can't.  If that's not enough, load times are way slower than usual... and it's a PS2 game where the load time is supposedly faster than the PS1.  The inconsistent gameplay?  UGH!  I might want to rant about how annoying it gets to keep shifting in between 3D and 2D more often than not.  While Crash Bandicoot did that but the pace is far more steady.  Ugh, Capcom what had you done?  The game is so horrendous!

Axl for me though was an interesting concept but... really failed in some area.  Maybe it's because of bad dubbing.  The very first character that he reminds me of is Bass from Megaman 7.  Like Bass, he is rivals with Megaman X and he somewhat also rivals Zero.  I mean it's almost like he's really Bass himself.  Gameplay-wise, he like Bass shoots at multiple directions and can't run with a gun.  He also can copy the blueprints of others... remember the time Bass copied the blueprints of Megaman and Rush in Megaman 7?  I always felt like Axl was a Bass tribute but too bad Keiji Inafune wasn't involved with his creation.

Maybe I should mention how the game itself was with the first time you play it?  So you use Axl at the beginning, you join up with Zero.  Now tag-team gameplay is interesting but in here, it's a pain.  Also, why in the world can't I be Megaman until I have rescued 64 Reploids or defeated the eight robot masters?  Man, what's the matter Capcom?  This game may have revealed how Capcom disgracefully plans to end Megaman's career with a really stupid game.  Come on, Megaman X is the main character NOT Axl or Zero!

So really, while Megaman 7 (a game which came after Megaman X3 as a prequel game), it would be a better game.  So maybe Megaman 7 was considered a bad game for the classic series but you might as well play this classic game over Megaman X7 or two, Megaman & Bass (as difficult as it is) might be a better alternative in itself.  Megaman X7 should just be forgotten as a horrible, horrible game.


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