Sharing Some Of My Thoughts On Ciara Hanna's Answer To Her Role As Gia Plot-Wise

Well Morphin Legacy as usual beats me to it, all I can do right now is to simply share what I thought with Ciara Hanna's role as Gia. The whole interview can be read here.

Bits and pieces I selected from the whole interview

One of our Favorite Moments was Gia’s team-leadership moment in "Prince Takes Knight"! 
What was it like to film that?

A:  I LOVED that. I’m a natural leader anyway and always love being the front runner, so this episode was so much fun for me. Gia makes a great secondary leader I think. She has a tough side that doesn’t let her emotions get in the way when needed, but always still a great friend and teammate.

If you could’ve given Gia a Focus Episode, What would it have been about?

A:  I would love for her to show some struggle. she comes off so tough all the time, but she needed to be human a bit and show weakness. Also it would’ve been nice for her and Jake to actually go on a date. It would’ve been hilarious to see nervous Jake trying to create date conversation.

My reaction would be very weird, you've been warned!

My reaction for Power Rangers Megaforce has been in a very mixed cycle and maybe, I don't really hate it after seeing everyone off-screen. After realizing Andrew Gray is no robotic guy in contrast to Troy, I just thought that it's the bad writing that pretty much killed the cast. Now to give my reaction towards what Ciara had said.

When it came to being "that natural leader" (HUH?!), I just had Sakura Nishihori in mind when it comes to Gia grabbing the spotlight. While Rose in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive was not an all in one, Gia is. I always thought about the times that both Gia, Sakura and maybe to an extension we have Jen and Yuuri tend to show their "natural leadership" skills (the rest are PINK, Gia is yellow) and can be a great secondary leader. I get reminded of previous rangers like Sakura, Jen and Yuuri with what Gia is - one who has the tendency to become a head bitch in charge while being eye candy and they weren't that swayed by emotions but deep within, they had their hurts. 

Considering Gia is only a teenager in this show, I just thought that perhaps Yuuri, Sakura and Jen needed some focus of what they were as teenagers. I thought that maybe Sakura was Miss Perfect in school which Gia gives us an idea how the former must have been as a teenager. Maybe Timeranger and Time Force both needed Yuuri and Jen some flashbacks on what they were as school girls. As for Gia's tough as nails personality, I thought that she needed some more backstory like having parents like Sakura. But it's been a common mistake in certain seasons of Super Sentai and Power Rangers not to explain too much why the main characters behave in a certain way.

As for her focus episode, I really wish that what she said, happened. I felt like Jake and Gia is pretty much looking for love in the wrong places. I mean I would really love to see an episode that Gia would show some weakness like in that episode Sakura cried when Eiji was hurt (and I was shipping the two in that episode). Plus, I think trying to get her and Jake to date or develop would make the kiss acceptable in the end. I mean, just think of Jake got her and got nervous on their date. I don't think any guy could easily handle Gia being "Miss Perfect" and all. I don't think I can handle her either.


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