Eto Ranger's Enigmatic Bigger Bad Bagi

Eto Ranger at first presented Nyanma as the "main villain" but later, she turns out to be nothing more than an underling. For some reason, Japanese entertainment has a habit of not immediately revealing the Bigger Bad in some seasons. In Sun Vulcan, it's later revealed that Hell Saturn is controlled by the literal brain of Black Magma known as the Black Sun God. In Power Rangers SPD, you had Emperor Grumm controlled by Omni. In Eto Ranger, Nyanma was controlled by Bagi who's apparently a she due to her voice actress. The show seems to be ambiguous about Bagi's gender though I have the stand, Bagi is a woman.

This of course coincides with Hera's disguise in Hercules the Legendary Journeys which left everyone to speculate how she really looked like. At the background was how you usually saw Hera until later on, Meg Foster filled the role and did Hera pretty well. I just thought seeing Hera just as a pair of eyes always annoyed me until she finally revealed her true appearance.

I thought that Bagi was pretty ambiguous and "she" wasn't really all that developed. Okay she did turn Chocolat into a child in an adult's body known as Nyanma but I felt like her development wasn't pretty well done. I always felt like this should have happened... maybe make an Anime version of Evil Lynn from the He-Man movie or give Bagi a human form to battle the Eto Rangers with. I mean, get somebody who's got Meg Foster's voice quality to make Bagi a

I felt like maybe Eto Ranger could have tried to use Bagi and Goal as an estranged couple, where their feud caused the Novel Worlds to collapse. This could have led to a rude awakening to both of them that they're at fault for all the conflict. That only when they are truly reconciled that the Novel World are at peace.


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