That Side Of Kimberly That Makes Her Better Than Mei, IMO

While watching Zyuranger and yes, I do like the series better than Mighty Morphin' but I still can't deny even as a guy who doesn't consider himself a Power Rangers fan, there's still some stuff that Power Rangers managed to do better. I just thought that while Mei does have her badass warrior princess moments but Kimberly does have her own charm.

Amy Jo Johnson can act better than her Japanese counterpart. I felt like Reiko Chiba's expressions weren't all too convincing. The more I look at the scenes where emotions are needed, I felt like at times Mei was flat but she manages to make up with some of the "do it yourself stunt scenes". Kimberly has her own stunt scenes though back then, nobody thought of letting Power Rangers protagonists fight monsters of the week out of suit in contrast to the standard out of suit fighting with foot soldiers. Fortunately Chad in Lightspeed Rescue did (but I felt like, they should have made him a martial arts instructor for children instead in that episode). Whether Kim was badass or in decay, I always felt she delivered the right emotions better than Mei did.

The more I look at both of them, they have their individual merits. It's just that Mei's charm isn't really my cup of tea. I prefer Kimberly's characterization over Mei. So there.


  1. Hey, guess what? ALL of the original cast did their own stunts! And the Zeo cast, and the Turbo cast, and the In Space cast. And the Lost Galaxy cast, Lightspeed Rescue cast, Time Force cast... I think you get the idea.

    1. They did do their own stunts for certain scenes. I'm talking about not so many characters would fight a monster out of suit.

    2. Um, what? Then how do you explain this
      And this:
      Its not as uncommonness you think.

    3. I'll make myself clear. It's all about not so many people would fight a monster out of suit for a prolonged time. Not so many Sentai/PR guys ever dared something that dangerous. Fighting foot soldiers out of suit is common fodder for Sentai/PR though.


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