Parallelism Between The First Three Classic Megaman And Megaman X Games

Just before anything, you may need to remember a few stuff. Not all the Classic Megaman games preceded the Megaman X games. Megaman 7-10 are released as prequel games to the Megaman X series. Megaman 7 was released after Megaman X3 in an attempt to revive the Classic Megaman series. I want to share the similar events that happened in between two games.

Megaman vs. Megaman X

Both games are the start of their respective eras. Megaman X happens to be the first of its own kind but the gameplay is more complicated and innovative. Let's take a look at the similar events.

In the first Megaman game, Dr. Wily led a rebellion by reprogramming Dr. Light's six new industrial robots. In Megaman X, Sigma convinces a good amount of the robots made by Dr. Cain to join his cause. Also Vile, like Protoman has some kind of defect and is among the robots to join. Vile plays the role of a combination of Darkman and Protoman.

Similar bosses are Elecman to Spark Mandrill, Iceman to Chill Penguin, Fireman to Flame Mammoth, Cutman to Boomer Kwanger (and he's also a reference to Quickman) and Gutsman to Armored Armadillo. Armored Armadillo's stage is also a mining complex which further adds references to the game.

Megaman 2 vs. Megaman X2

The second entries feature the return of the respective main antagonists in both games. Nothing is that similar in terms of the plot. In terms of similarities, one may notice that some boss weaknesses are similar. Flame Stag's weakness is Bubble Wrap just like Flame Man is weak to Bubble Lead. Wheel Gator's weapon may be a reference to Metal Man's weapon. Overdrive Ostrich is weak to Crystal Snail's weapon which may be a reference to Quickman's weakness. Overdrive Ostrich also uses boomerangs similar to Quickman.

Megaman 3 vs. Megaman X3

The third entry has the main antagonists manipulating certain scientists to create a super weapon. Dr. Wily manipulated Dr. Light into creating Gamma for his own use. Sigma manipulated Dr. Doppler into creating the Kaiser Sigma body. Vile's return may be a reference to Protoman attacking you in certain stages. Both games made the antagonists look like they were defeated but were hinted to return in the sequel.


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