Disney's Hottest Character is Belle

Okay I have to admit I am starting to dislike Disney but they made their hottest character ever to exist- Belle. And the thing is she doesn't even know she's the hottest character in town, no in Disney. And it puts her in a disadvantage because she's got the attention of the not-so-handsome but really macho Gaston (I hate that guy) and later gets into a relationship with a man cursed to become a "beast". For one thing, I can relate with Beast many times.

She was kind of different than the 1946 Belle who had siblings and her unwelcome lover Gaston was not a rich man but a hunter, she was the only child so her father can get overprotective. While she has one unwelcome lover, she meets another in Beast who is an ill-tempered guy but however, she and him open up and eventually fell in love. Of course Beast was still human despite his appearance.

The thing is it seems everything was over for her when Gaston discovered that she had been dating Beast and not him which brings to a climatic finish. Gaston well did get his just desserts when he fell down, apparently to his death and the spell is broken, Beast is back to normal and the two of them live happily ever after.


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