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My First Impressions On Special Rescue Exceedraft

Is it me or do I miss the time when Tokusatsu was more action-oriented and much less of a toy commercial? This time, I'm watching Exceedraft which was FINALLY subbed by Sailor Otaku (also alternatively known as Weeaboo Shogun). It's time to get into the first episode of the show. This was supposed to take in a different continuity than Winspector and Solbrain but later added it as part of the Rescue Police Trilogy. Last year was its 25th anniversary which I was very disappointed to why it didn't surface after that.

The first two members are introduced as Kosuko and Ken who are Blues and Keace. Kosaku seems to be the dandy one while Ken is the joker of the group.

Unlike the first two series, they are using this jeep compared to Winspector and Solbrain using cars. Quite interestingly, the GoGoFive siblings drove around a jeep when they were in civilian form. This is well-equipped with equipment to put out fire.
We are introduced to the mentors of Exceedraft. We have Ai Hyug…

Noob Saibot And Rain Were Depowered For Mortal Kombat (2011)

It's no secret that I view Mortal Kombat (2011) as a Mortal Kombat Trilogy reboot with better A.I. and more balanced gameplay. Two non-boss characters who were overpowered in Mortal Kombat Trilogy got depowered namely Noob Saibot and Rain. So what really happened?
I remembered the 90s when I spammed both Noob and Rain to no end. Noob's Ghost Ball used not to only disable blocks but also all attacks. Rain's Water Ball didn't only control the opponent but it rendered damage. But in Mortal Kombat (2011) all that changed with depowering them down.

Noob's Ghost Ball now only prevents the opponent from blocking BUT they can still hurt you. An enhanced version only worked better against human opponents. Rain's Water Ball can only damage you if you use the enhanced version. The regular version has become a disabling attack without any damage whatsoever.

What caused this? I guess fans had complained how Rain and Noob were too overpowered. I guess this was also part of …

The Controversial Rebel Rabbit Episode

While Bugs Bunny was always the hero of whatever roles were given to him but one cartoon episode turned our hero into a villain. It was what may be the controversial 1949 cartoon episode called "Rebel Rabbit". Yup, you got that right. I remembered I was in elementary when I first saw it and right now, I decided to rewatch it for a laugh. But I can understand why some people didn't like it or called it an anomaly. 
So what's the real cause? Bugs Bunny finds out that rabbits only cost two cents per kill. He thinks that it's quite unfair and he challenges the Game Commissioner. What would look like a friendly visit goes sour. He goes as far as to actually hurt people and what happens next is just VERY STUPID.
Bugs Bunny does acts of vandalism that couldn't be done by a single person. He starts off with grafitti then it goes to be even more stupid. But wait it just GOES WORSE here...

Yes, it's the whole episode where Florida gets cut off, Manhattan was given…

Why I Think Palpatine Is Probably Anakin's Father One Way Or Another (Legends Only)

Right now, here's my theory that would try to fit more with the LEGENDS timeline than what I'd dare call the mutilated Disney timeline. Damn Disney - do you have to keep ruining childhoods? Anyway, let's get it straight to why I think Palpatine could be Anakin's father. If we want to try and get more similarities let's go to the EXPANDED UNIVERSE not the Disney Continuity. Let's get started shall we? All sources here are usually from the Star Wars Wiki.

Here's a Youtube video that I found that started to take a look at Palpatine's early life. This is what I don't find TOO SURPRISING: Palpatine had a passion for racing. Where would that be passed down? To Anakin! Then Luke would have the passion for piloting. Somehow, it runs in the family doesn't it? Not to mention the tendency to fall into the Dark Side. This would make you think if Palpatine did create Anakin magically (or through sexual intercourse) then you can think of how much of these t…

Mortal Khristmas 2017 Will Be Celebrated On February 10, 2018?

It might sound a bit confusing but here's a bit of details on what I would dub as "Mortal Khristmas". In the Chinese pantheon, one Elder God's birthday is celebrated on December 25 in the Lunar Calendar. So who's the celebrant of that special day? The Elder God would be known as Yu Huang Tai Zi (玉皇太子) which literally means Crown Prince of the Jade Emperor. He's the firstborn son of the royal couple Yu Huang Da Ti (玉皇大帝) and Wang Mu Niang Niang (王母娘娘) otherwise known as the Jade Emperor and Queen Mother of the West.
It's time to explain the cycle to why Mortal Khristmas will still be celebrated on February 10, 2018. It's simple. December 25, 2017 in the solar calendar is still November 8, 2017 in the Chinese calendar. A reason for this delay is because June of the Lunar Calendar entered into a two month cycle since it's a Lunar Leap Year for every three years. A month would extend itself because the Lunar Calendar only has 28-30 days to catch up w…

Happy 30th Birthday To My Imaginary Friend Megaman

It's been 30 years since the first Blue Bomber entered the scene, isn't it? I could think of how 2017 is reminding me of the fact "Hey I'm not getting any younger." or how some people teased me I was still into Megaman (or Rockman in Japan) and certain Tokusatsu series. While I do still check them out (but not talk about it all the time) but I tend to remember one thing... I tend to think about how I got into the Megaman franchise and how the Blue Bomber played an impact on my life.
I remembered owning a Famicom back in the 90s and held a grudge against my parents for not getting me a Super Famicom (or Super Nintendo in the U.S.) before we got our first Playstation. Aside from Super Mario Bros. I also developed an obsession with Megaman. It was back at that time I didn't know that Megaman and Rockman is the same series. Rockman is the original, Japanese version and Megaman is the translated version for the American audience. I admit, I got hooked with the we…

What Was The Reason Why Axl Was Created For The Megaman X Series?

As Megaman's 30th birthday is a few days from now, I'd like to talk about one character in the Megaman X series that somewhat intrigued me. Some think he's not an interesting character. Others think he's the patron saint of trying too hard according to The Here's what I started to think when I first ran into this character.
He's a freaking reference to Bass from Classic Megaman. Both are colored black, have scars and they play almost like. Both can't run with a gun. If you played the rather frustrating Megaman & Bass game, you may be familiar with how to play as Bass. Both characters can shoot at multiple directions while they can't move while firing their weapons. Difference is Axl doesn't double jump. Instead, it's his hover move that makes navigation easier for him.
What was amazing to think was how Axl was introduced as a playable villain in Megaman X7 while Bass was introduced as a new villain Megaman 7 (a game that was relea…