Do People In Netherrealm Studios Really Hate Shinnok That Much?

I guess it's time for me to lament the wasted potential that's Shinnok. He was originally introduced as a force of darkness that supposed to be more powerful than Shao Kahn considering that he's a fallen Elder God. The potential was there since Mortal Kombat: Mythologies (which is a very bad game and I don't even suggest you pick it up) where Shinnok was an Elder God who was sentenced to the Netherrealm. Yet, he somehow managed to take over it and even its previous guardian and ruler (who I'd refer to as Lord Yan Wang) and started to plot for revenge over the next thousands of years.

So what's the whole deal with Shinnok? Unfortunately, MK4 sucks and the fact he becomes such an easy boss fight. I did like how Shinnok started getting his own individual unique moves over becoming a lazy Shang Tsung through his impersonations. The final boss battle was meh. It was good that Mortal Kombat X did give us a more challenging boss battle yet Corrupted Shinnok isn't …

My Early Thoughts On Mortal Kombat 11 Prior To Its Release

Well it looks like Ed Boon could be defeating Katsuhiro Harada again (and I hope Harada gets his notebook and writes things down to make up for the blunder that's Tekken 7) though it's too early to tell. So what's my current impressions? I'd like to give my early thoughts though I always like to lace some of my critical thinking with everything exciting. 
The story would take place some time after MKX. How long the time lapse was is currently unknown. All we know that Raiden has become a vengeful, bitter god and I just love to see how Shinnok is getting beaten. Talk about a millennia long grudge when Raiden finally gets the chance to bully his archenemy Shinnok. However, the final boss Kronika (probably the Elder Goddess of Time) says that Raiden has upset the balance of time and space itself. It's somewhat the concept of Yin and Yang and I guess Kronika won't be an outright evil boss. Rather, I feel like that she would be like Blaze -- a final boss whose only…

Dragon Quest Heroes Ain't Your Typical Dragon Quest

I admit, I didn't get into Dragon Quest until the eighth game and I have NO INTENTION of finishing that Dragon Warrior VII game back in the PS1 days -- I'd like to see it remastered. Now, I thought about that while turn-based gameplay can be fun but I usually prefer the Hack and Slash gameplay where you get more active, get to mash against multiple foes as a stress relief game.

The story takes place with the main continuity to be that of Luceus (the talkative strategist) and Aurora (who's an impulsive lady) with Arba's benevolent badass ruler King Doric. Both of them are fire and ice and perhaps Yin and Yang. Along the way, they would actually introduce players to some old school Dragon Quest characters such as Terry (Dragon Quest III), Yangus and Jessica (Dragon Quest VIII), Maya (Dragon Quest IV), and Nera and Bianca (Dragon Quest V).

So the game was released more than three years ago but too bad the PS3 version only had the Japanese version. I may be a fan of Japan…

Can Hasbro Really Save Power Rangers With Beast Morphers?!

With Power Rangers Beast Morphers just around the corner -- it's amazing to see how backwards Power Rangers has become one way or another. It's freaking 2019 and why are they localizing or adapting something from way back in 2012?! I even want to ask myself whether or not Hasbro can really save Power Rangers or not. Why I want to ask that question is because of the fact that Power Rangers is really getting worse whether it's Disney's rush seasons or Nickelodeon's fully unnecessary two season split. What's amazing is that whether it's the Disney rush season or the current season -- Power Rangers still survives even if it was already getting worse starting with the Disney era and the Neo-Saban era made it even worse.

I was thinking about my history with Hasbro and how they are responsible for several franchises such as the Transformers series and G.I.Joe for starters. Maybe, some of you who were 90s children could remember the highly successful Conan the Adv…

I'm Now Watching Skyrider

It's no secret that I don't like or usually I don't care about most of the Showa era Kamen Riders for many reasons. I always have it in my mind that Showa era Kamen Rider is lesser in quality than Showa era Super Sentai. So now I'm watching Skyrider and I've been into at least 14 episodes as of present. I'm watching it at what I'd call at a slow pace?

It's said that it's called "Skyrider" by the fans because it was only called "Kamen Rider" -- perhaps to avoid confusion with the very early 70s the first Kamen Rider. The enemy is the newly reorganized Shocker known as "Neo Shocker" and the series was released four years after Kamen Rider Stronger ended in 1975.

I admit I do love the action scenes but I always felt like that watching through old school Kamen Rider tends to bore me more often than not. I also wonder if Toei could try to make a new school Kamen Rider whose powers will include temporary flight after the Hei…

Princess Jasmine Is The Goddess Of Mercy?

As if casting Naomi Scott as Kimberly for the Power Rangers movie by Lionsgate wasn't weird enough (and I hope Toei and Hasbro will abandon the movie project altogether) -- I just felt casting her as Jasmine is kinda awkward. How so? Scott herself is half-Indian and half-British and not of Middle Eastern descent. It almost feels as awkward as Chinese TV series that make Chinese celebrities play non-Chinese characters, having American actors play French characters (ex. various incarnations of Hunchback of Notre Dame) or how several incarnations of The Monkey King have Indian characters played by Chinese celebrities!

Her appearance in the Aladdin movie makes her look like Guan Yin the Bodhisattva of Compassion instead of Princess Jasmine. Right now, I'd rather imagine the actress playing the role of an Indian princess who gave up her birthright and swears herself to celibacy to achieve enlightenment, gave the ultimate sacrifice of giving her eyes and arms to cure her father and…

Five Reasons Why Tekken 7 Is Full Of Wasted Potential

Tekken 7 is a game with so much potential. It's beginner friendly, it's got smoother gameplay and the potential of the Story Mode which was somehow popularized by the Mortal Kombat franchise. However, there's one thing that can be truly certain - Katsuhiro Harada has become SO COMPLACENT over his past successes that he's already shooting himself at the foot this time round with THIS GAME. How so? I would like to talk about the wasted potential that the game has and what really happened. 
First, Story Mode SUCKS HARD with its execution

I admit, I was getting really excited when it came to Tekken 7 having a story mode. I was getting excited just thinking how a Japanese company would finally try and get what Netherrealm Studios did and make it even more legendary. But what happened? I simply got into what I'd call a flat out disappointing execution of Story Mode one way or another.

How disappointing? I thought about Mr. Most Boring Narrator or Mr. Boredcast aka the Re…