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Is Power Rangers Going To Die Any Time Soon?

It's really no secret that Ninja Steel is hitting a new level of low. Some used to enjoy both Super Sentai and Power Rangers but may end up changing their minds soon enough. So what's going on with Power Rangers and why is it dying? It has something to do with really bad decisions behind the show which help back up why I don't like Power Rangers and why the franchise may die anytime soon and Ninja Steel may be worst for last. 
Writing tends to get really bad and potential isn't met most of the time

It's no secret that Judd Lynn is now officially burnt out. There are times that he actually did something right like Lost Galaxy is a fan favorite during its time, Power Rangers in Space saved the franchise from cancellation, I don't even see the need to compare Lightspeed Rescue and GoGoFive due to them being "too different" and Time Force is a fan favorite. But the problem hits that most of the series is plagued with bad writing or unmet potential.
I thou…

G.I.Joe The Movie: Why The Movie Just Doesn't Make Sense

I was a G.I.Joe fan as a child. I remembered watching everything G.I.Joe and enjoying it. The movie was also enjoyable for me as a child. But the more I think about looking at G.I.Joe The Movie, the more I think everything in this movie has a lot of inconsistencies. What inconsistencies am I talking about? Remember there are spoilers so don't read unless you want to be spoiled.

There's a lot of inconsistencies the films has. One could be the role of Cobra Commander and his supposed secret origins. The opening argument between Cobra Commander and his usurper Serpentor feels like an argument that could go what if Megatron and Galvatron weren't the same person. The whole opening also has Serpentor and Cobra Commander looking like they were the worst people to run Cobra. Seriously why didn't Destro just take over? He's a competent version of Starscream. Instead, the film shows us how the other members of Cobra either don't care, people forget that Serpentor is even…

Power Rangers Fan Rumor Mill: Jetman Was Supposed To Be Mighty Morphin's Source Material?

I don't know how true this rumor is but I heard that Saban and Toei originally wanted to use Chojin Sentai Jetman instead of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger. I don't know how true this is. So how true is that? Saban localized Eagle Riders with the help of Tatsunoko's license so was he really eyeing on Jetman?

I don't find any reliable sources and I wonder where did some Power Rangers fans even get the idea? The Bioman pilot was verified but what about the whole Jetman thing? Haim Saban, Margaret Loesch of Fox Kids and Toei Ltd. may have had a lot of disagreements. If Saban ever wanted to use Jetman for Mighty Morphin' I guess people at Toei told him it wasn't the right time. Also, Saban could have gotten his approval but then changed his mind. It's all too speculative and I don't even have any clear answers.

The rumor also stated that Jetman is too violent for Power Rangers. I've seen both Jetman and Zyuranger and both are pretty violent. A lot of content …

Is It Possible Scarlet Witch's Uncontrollable Powers Suddenly Altered Their History?

Right now, I'm still stuck with whining at my ruined childhood and one of them has been Magneto's 30+ years of paternity was written off at the power of the pen. If there's any REALLY HUGE VILLAIN that the Marvel heroes need to dispose off its the current staff of Marvel. One of the biggest changes has to be Quicksilver's and Scarlet Witch's parentage has been super-altered to the point that NOTHING MAKES SENSE ANYMORE. Even House of M doesn't make sense anyone unless if we consider that Scarlet Witch may have altered history for the worse (or better).

Let's consider what REALLY happened in the House of M. She created an entire reality which soon affected our reality. As her mental stability goes down then things in her head may have started to warp things for better or for worse. Aside from the Decimination plotline you can also have her alter time as well. So it's possible that she still continues to loathe her parentage to Magneto which she never re…

WTF: Did You Just Have A Mighty Morphine Overdose?

The Power Rangers movie changed history in a bad way - it became what could be the strongest knockout pill ever known to man. I could call it Mighty Morphine because it knocked me out because of boredom. I guess other people too felt the same. It's time to talk about how Haim Saban's return to the franchise has ruined a beloved icon for all these years with the Mighty Morphin' hype. Should I mention how annoying it is to keep rehashing the theme song Go Go Power Rangers?!

There's one thing you think about business is that you can't always stick with the same formula to keep a show alive. There's always the risk in everything but sticking to an old formula is way riskier. Something new may not always work immediately but trying something new is always part of moving forward. It's like how you add new gimmicks to keep a product alive and knowing when to end it. But that doesn't seem to be the case of Power Rangers with Neo-Saban: there's the tendency…

The Neo Saban Era Of Power Rangers Operates With The Krusty Krab Mindset

It's no secret the once big time businessman who partnered with several companies such as Toei Ltd. (for Power Rangers), he once partnered with DIC and Nintendo to produce their Super Mario Bros. cartoon and he also partnered with Marvel in the 90s for many of the hit Marvel-based cartoons. While I could still watch the Marvel-based cartoons by Saban without thinking about Power Rangers but I think of why I ended up walking out with Power Rangers. It's even getting WORSE during the Neo-Saban era because he's living with the Krusty Krab mindset. 
It's getting more obvious that Saban is still living on his past successes while Toei is figuring out how to establish present successes more than rely on past successes. What succeeded in the 90s may not succeed in this year. While I do prefer most 90s Super Sentai over last decade and this decade at a personal level but I can understand why new stuff get tried on every time. He's living in a Krusty Krab mindset. Too bad …

These Metal Hero Entries Are More Mature Than You Think

Maybe one reason why I tend to prefer mostly old school Tokusatsu from the 80s to 90s is most of them tend to have the more "mature" feel. Okay, it doesn't mean I'm not enjoying new school Kamen Rider (which I prefer over old school Kamen Rider) and Ucchuu Sentai Kyuranger. I'd like to talk about Metal Hero shows that didn't look too much like a kiddie show.

Tokkei Winspector

The very first of the Rescue Police Trilogy. The series itself has no real main villain. It's almost like a strange blend of American shows Automan and Knight Rider. Although the setting is pretty much science fiction but it has a LOT of lessons that seem to be more fit for grown ups than children. There's a lot of real gun action, some blood and criminal cases aside from the fantasy-based environment. Think of it as Tokusatsu version of Rescue 911.

Tokkyu Shirei Solbrain

Winspector ended after 51 episodes with the first villain they faced as the final villain. Now comes the succe…