MMPR's Rather Messy Implementation And Splicing Of Zyu2 And Dairanger Footage

After Mighty Morphin' became a monster hit -- we know what happened. Both Toei Ltd. and Saban got greedy. Considering that Power Rangers relies too much on Super Sentai footage and well fotoage has run out -- Saban actually requested Toei for 25 sets of fresh new footage. Toei created 25 more monster suits which weren't used in the actual Zyuranger show but were for exclusive use of Saban Entertainment during that time.

What was interesting was this -- all 25 monsters were supposedly Rita Repulsa's. Lord Zedd was spliced into Zyu2 footage (and many re-edits of Rita Repulsa and perhaps an uncredited actress kissing Lord Zedd's foot). All 25 monsters encountered the DINOZORDS and they were supposedly Rita's monsters in the originally intended footage. This should also be very interesting...

Yup, that's right, Piranhatis Head was actually fighting Dino Megazord! I just NEVER noticed that when I was younger! Also, you may want to notice this scene was slipped into …

Remembering The Death Of Optimus Prime As A Child

This was among the many scenes that I thought really made me cry as a child. One of the many deaths that I could remember was the death of Mika Koizumi (dubbed as Casey) in Bioman. The other was the death of Optimus Prime in the Generation 1 Continuity. Sometimes, I just think to myself how this scene was probably one of the saddest scenes -- yet it also taught an important lesson to children about the casualties of war and that even the greatest hero can die in battle!
One of the best scenes ever in the movie is the duel to the death with Megatron. I also think about the scene why I had a love/hate relationship with Hot Rod or Rodimus Prime. Some people want to blame Hot Rod for the death of Rodimus Prime. Yet, there's one detail we fail to see -- it's a desperate battle and it's not easy to think properly in a desperate moment. Megatron was trying to grab the gun and Optimus Prime had no idea about it. Hot Rod stepped in and tried to prevent it but to no avail. He could…

I've Just Finished Dimension Soldier Spielban

Well, I'm finally done with Spielban and it's one of those days when Metal Hero was still around. After the success of Juspion -- we have Spielban as its successor. It was trying to modify some stuff from the Space Sheriff series while being its own continuity. One good example is how Diana (and later Helen) were given their own transformation suits in order to assist the hero in his tasks. They were trying to do whatever they could to stop Wahrer or Waller (take your pick) from taking over the Earth's water supply.
I wanted to give my thoughts on the Waller Empire and WTF really happened. What wasn't too surprising was that Waller-Sama was nothing more than an imagined concept. It's almost like the Org Master from Gaoranger -- a figurehead that never existed and used by the actual ruler as some kind of manipulation tool. Pandora herself created the concept of Waller to control her followers one way or another -- though her own cruelty would cause them to rebel. W…

Just Don't Feel Like Replaying Mortal Kombat Deception After Playing Mortal Kombat (2011)

There's no doubt that Mortal Kombat: Deception was praised back during the PS2 days. I can't forget how it had several good reviews -- it even had two awards that would have competed it against Tekken 5. While I still fee the urge to play Tekken 5 all over again even after the PS2 is officially dead -- I don't think the same can be true for MK Deception.

I could remember the fun I had with this game and the frustration. Every good game will always have a flaw. I thought the easy dodging 3D gameplay was one of its obvious weaknesses. Tekken 5 required you to press up twice to sidestep. In MK Deception -- all you need to do was press up and down while using the diagonal directions for jumping and ducking. Also, replacing Stage Fatalities with Death Traps can be fun and frustrating. I ended up turning off Death Traps because I wanted a longer fight -- all the while why can't I do stage fatalities now? Plus, the multiple fighting style can make it too complicated.

The who…

How Black And Black RX Could Have Tied Loose Ends IMHO

As much as I still enjoy Black RX (and yes, it's still MILES better than that idiotic Saban's Mashed Rider which is best considered an Adaptation Decay) -- I still feel like criticizing it for havign too many loose ends with Kamen Rider Black. I just thought of how the series itself could have tried to tie some of its loose ends from the last pure Showa Rider (Black) to the transitional Kamen Rider which sadly didn't get a new series out after it -- only 11 years later did Kamer Rider get a really good reboot!

So how would loose ends be tied? Remember, Black RX was tying back to the Showa era while Black was intended to be its own continuity for some reason. I thought about how to tie the loose ends especially with how Kamen Rider Black ended. Here's a bit of a start that could have been done. I could start with Kyoko and Kasumi sending a letter to Kotaro telling him to fight on. He still remembers them while he works for the Sahara family. He remembers them while sti…

Honoring Kamen Rider Black RX: A Rider Caught In Between Showa And Heisei

What made Kamen Rider Black RX unique is that he's the first (and only) Kamen Rider to have been a direct sequel of a previous installment. The popularity of Tetsuo Kurata caused them to finally take Kamen Rider Black, upgrade him and finally the Child of the Sun, Black RX is born! This series Kamen Rider Black ended on October 9, 1988 while its successor aired on October 23, 1988. The Showa era finally ended on January 7, 1989 and the Heisei era just one day after. Right now, the tentative date that the Heisei era is coming to an end is April 30, 2019 assuming that the current emperor manages to reach said date!

Technically, the final pure Showa Rider is Kamen Rider Black. Black RX got caught in between Showa and Heisei because it ended on September 24, 1989. Episode 11 of Black RX was delayed for one week because of the death of Emperor Hirohito. It was Modern Japan entering into the Heisei era which we are in right now. Also, the first Heisei era Super Sentai would be Kosoku S…

Duke's Death Retconned From G.I.Joe

G.I.Joe the Movie was one thing I enjoyed as a child yet had some issues with it as an adult. I felt like the movie itself just didn't make sense and is probably one of Hasbro's blunders. Now here's a bit of interesting stuff -- Duke in G.I.Joe was already scheduled to die for some reason. However, the backlash of the death of Optimus Prime caused a last minute change in the script.

So what really happened? I've heard of how snake bits can lead to comas. Remember the scene how Serpentor was supposed to kill Falcon with a snake javelin? Some species of snake could actually be made stiff and immovable by qualified snake trainers. In this case, Duke was actually bitten by a snake near a vital organ. Serpentor said, "He took the snake meant for your heart but his sacrifice will be in vain."

It has me thinking that even if this is fiction -- it would probably still make more sense if Duke died. Okay, we know Serpentor is bad science since it's just impossible…