My Top Favorite Tekken Games For The Playstation 1-4 Systems

I was thinking of challenging myself with ranking my favorite Tekken games from best to worst. So I'd like to do a ranking of my favorite Tekken games from bottom to start. Remember that these games would be Tekken, Tekken 2, Tekken 3, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Tekken 4, Tekken 5, Tekken 7 and the recent Tekken 7. I haven't played the handhelds and don't intend to since I don't like owning too many stuff either!

My top list:
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
If there's going to be one Tekken game that I'd say actually did the best for innovation -- it's Tekken Tag Tournament 2. It's got almost everything I wanted -- almost every character from the previous game are here. It's basically improving almost everything Tekken did right for the years. It's like you've got a really good solid arcade mode, really solid gameplay and not to mention you could also take time to customize Combot here. Truly the best Tekken game!

Tekken 5
Okay, it does sound like I&#…

Wishful Casting: Kimberly For Power Rangers (2017) Movie

It's really no secret that I do have really stupid reasons to skip that awful Power Rangers (2017) movie because Kimberly is nowhere near as hot as the 90s version -- same reason why I tend to have a shallow dislike for the 2017 Beauty and the Beast because Emma Watson ain't hot enough to be Belle IMHO. Now, I thought about my wishful casting to who should've played Kimberly for said film. So who's my top choice to play as Kimberly instead of Naomi Scott? 
My personal choice (that's mine ANYWAY so feel free to pick your choice and disagree) is Gracie Dzienny for Kimberly. I was thinking about WTF about casting Scott as Kimberly -- though I have no issue with any role Scott's gonna take but I just didn't think Kimberly was the right choice for her. Okay, aside from the obvious fact that Dzienny is hotter than Scott -- I could point out her resume also has one role that could've "groomed" her for Kimberly namely Amanda McCay from Supah Ninjas. …

Mortal Kombat X's Hollywood Guest Characters: I Don't Enjoying Using Them While I Enjoy Brutalizing Them

The stuff of childhood nightmares is really there, right? I just thought about the whole idea of blood and gore for the sake of it and the MKX Kombat Pack somehow defines it. The Story Mode is weaker than the one found in Mortal Kombat (2011). Though the appearance of Freddie Kruger in MK (2011) somewhat signaled what I'd name as "unnecessary guest characters" though I love to brutalize them.
The start? Well there's Aliens vs. Predator and I admit -- I've enjoyed brutalizing these frightening guys from my childhood. I remembered I used to have the fear of either Aliens or Xenomorphs invading the Earth -- even if they were just fiction! Even if I don't really find myself enjoying playing as these characters -- I still love the idea of using any of my Mortal Kombat favorites (like Liu Kang) to brutalize them? Favorite ways of killing them? Mine would be using the military stage fatality (let the army deal with them) or using Liu Kang's Hot Mess brutality s…

Tekken 7 Should've Included Their Own Version Of Mortal Kombat X's Faction Wars

As I was alternating between Tekken 7 and Mortal Kombat XL -- I was thinking that damn Namco why are you going backwards in some way? Sure, Tekken 7 presents better graphics, the Rage Art mechanics but I was thinking how anemic the game can be at certain levels. Treasure Hunt isn't as fun as the Ghost Mode and I think they could have also included Challenge Modes with various modifiers that can go together -- Tekken should TAKE BACK that crown from Mortal Kombat! MKX was released in 2015 and Tekken 7 was released in 2017 so WTF. Why is Tekken 7 lacking content in contrast to a game that was released two years ago?

Here's what I think Tekken 7 SHOULD have added and I hope Namco is listening. Hopefully, they will release an upgrade and I don't care if I have to pay for additional digital content or get an upgraded disk for this. This is my idea called Organization Battles. This would be like Mortal Kombat X's faction wars where characters would select which side they are…

The Stage Play Called Super Mario Bros. 3

As said, it seems that every Super Mario game is either a stage play or a TV show on its own. I mean, check out everything with Super Mario Bros. 3 (which had its 30th birthday yesterday) and you will find out several stuff that really shows it's a stage play. The curtains open, the checkered floors, casting shadows where there's supposed to be no shadows (though the SNES update corrected that) and the exit stage right where you got the cards. But I didn't mind anyway -- Super Mario's cast are what they are -- they are actors who are set to different roles one after the other!
Super Mario 3 started to establish a retelling of the Mushroom Kingdom story and may have ignored events in the first three games -- Super Mario Bros., The Lost Levels and Super Mario Bros. 2 (which was a remake of Doki Doki Panic) for an entirely new retelling of a story. The script focuses on King Bowser bringing his seven Koopa children which leaves us wondering if they were simply adopted or…

Mortal Kombat X VS. Tekken 7: Which Is Better?

I admit, I once bought Tekken 6 and Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition together. I had a fun time comparing both of them. In this case, I decided to do some study on two blockbuster games that got an award and how they'd fare against each other. This made me think that even if I don't like most of what American entertainment offers yet some of them are good. I really like Japanese entertainment but I don't want to deny that Capcom has had poor management for some time! Now it's time for the showdown and I'd like to compare them in certain areas of the game.

Arcade mode 

The arcade mode seems to be the most important bare minimum of them all, right? Perhaps one of the biggest advantages (or not) of Mortal Kombat these days has been going straight to consoles while Tekken still goes to the arcades. Now I'd like to compare the arcade mode of both games.

Mortal Kombat X still somehow sticks to the traditional arcade mode where you have ten opponents to fight such as eig…

Tekken 7's Downside As An Award Winning Game

It's no secret that I'm a Tekken fan. Now I'm playing Tekken 7 and how does it fare for me as a single player? Was the wait worth it? I keep hearing praises for the game's new mechanics such as the Rage Art system (which can give people a chance or at least to lose gracefully in many ways) or it's beginner friendly while going to levels of deep. It has good controls but I thought about it that perhaps Angry Joe wouldn't be too pleased with Tekken 7. Is it me or is the Japanese entertainment industry declining? If so then it's pretty sad considering Japan revolutionized the world with various innovations only to decline later.
I could talk about what I didn't like about Tekken 7. I remembered the 90s and what made people like Tekken -- the intuitive/instinctive gameplay where you used one button per limb (and this was later copied by Mortal Kombat's reboot), the 3D graphics which evolved overtime, the characters and not to mention the animated endin…