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Marvel Cinematic Universe's Cable Should've First Appeared In X-Men: Apocalypse

It's no secret that I don't like Marvel anymore ever since Disney bought it, more stupid writers are into it and I thought about X-Men: Apocalypse as probably one of the biggest mistakes ever. Now it's time to talk about Cable and what I thought should've happened.
X-Men: Apocalypse IMO doesn't do the villainous Apocalypse any justice. Oscar Isaac was the worst villain actor. I thought Jason Vosloo of "The Mummy" would have made Apocalypse more terrifying. Plus, it's even hard to determine now what's going on in the Marvel Cinematic timeline with all the convoluted mess we're in. Heck -- when did X-Men: Apocalypse even take place? Was there a reboot? Plus, Apocalypse was completely wasted in that film.

I thought about it that Cable of all people could have been introduced into the film. He could be introduced as Cyclops' son from the alternate future instead of a son lost in time -- and now he's old enough to be his father's fathe…

Wishful Thinking: My Own Reimagined Live Action Disney's Beauty And The Beast

I decided to rewatch both the Beauty and the Beast (1991) and Beauty and the Beast (2017)  and I still like the older one better in terms of charm. The 2017 had some background story but I felt it lacked the charm. So I decided to finally write down my crazy thoughts in the form of a literary critique with my own wishful thinking -- and that I even wished the remake happened and I wish it happened in 2011 and not 2017 to get a young cast that I wanted.

First, I really thought about it maybe far too many times about why I thought Emma Watson wasn't the pick. Sure, she can do something else but I felt like Belle wasn't for that character. Instead, I thought about Emma Roberts as Belle at 20 years old. Okay, Belle may be actually 17 or something but I think Roberts would fit the role with her appearance. Plus, I think a Belle that's only 5'2 would be a "little more fitting" for the role of Belle.

So what's my idea for Belle for my imagined remake? Belle cou…

Tamahome's Song Voice

Although I'm not such a huge fan of the Fushigi Yuugi OVA (which tried to focus on a reincarnated Tamahome as Taka) -- but it showed how Taka is still the real Tamahome. He wants to reach out to Miaka and even if he's lost his identity but his soul is still Tamahome. In the real world -- he reaches out to her shouting out her name and it's one of my favorite moments in an OVA I didn't really like too much. 
Though invisible, the stars in my heart are very concrete guideposts

I scream countless times at the top of my lungs
the name of the dear one who gave me courage.
She's a treasure I risked my life to acquire.

An unknown force tries to hypnotize me.
But I will never forget my days with you.

If this is a dream, I'm begging you, wake me up! Leave no traces of this in my mind.
Hurry, before the other me becomes a knife.
I can hear the voice of my spirit from far away.
Take me to it. I have a love that I must defend.

Probably, what hurts the most
is hurting the o…

Janperson: Serve The Public Trust. Protect The Innocent. Uphold The Law.

Today is the 25th anniversary of Janperson and I wanted to do a bit of tribute in writing this post. Janperson happens to be my favorite Metal Hero show. The Rescue Police Trilogy ended yet it didn't feel like it ended with Janperson. Sure, Janperson just starts out with one hero (and a midseason change with Gun Gibson kicked in in contrast to Winspector, Solbrain and Exceedraft are all teams) and he had a mysterious origin. Just who was he? It wasn't until episode 18 when we realized who he was.

In some undetermined past, a new robot known as MX-A1 was created. Sometimes, I feel like that people never learn from their mistakes. I guess the scientists behind Janperson didn't watch the Robocop films too closely in their attempt to create a Robocop without a human past. Unlike Robocop, Janperson is completely mechanical yet he was programmed to do three things. Serve the public trust. Protect the innocent. Uphold the law. Unfortunately, that's not how it was turning out…

Is Exceedraft Subs Having A Snailspeed Rescue Right Now?

Exceedraft had its two episodes and I want to call it a "Snailspeed Rescue" instead of Exceedraft which their suits would grant them the power of a lightspeed rescue. What I'm thinking right now is that Sailor Otaku's probably having some real issues to why it took so long to release the first Exceedraft subs. I guess finding the right team and raw footage isn't even easy, right?

With that in mind -- it's understandable with all the real life issues that the subbers have to face. Hopefully, they can get some help and lightspeed rescue it!

Lion King 2: Simba's Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

I thought about the Lion King 2 a few days ago and one of the greatest issues with Simba's attitude problem is his unresolved post-traumatic stress disorder. He was just a child when he saw his father Mufasa die at the hands of his uncle Scar. Scar unofficially adopts an heir in Kovu (since being Kovu's biological child would mean incest with Kiara) though there were other candidates. Zira who may have been Scar's best friend organizes the revenge for her fallen comrade.
Much of Simba's actions are related to his PTSD. It's obvious that he wants to be just like his deceased father --  he wants to fill in the huge gap that was left behind by a great king whose legacy was cut short by Scar's treachery. He wanted to continue whatever wise rule Mufasa had. But the problem was that by trying to be Mufasa -- he lost his identity. At the same time, he failed to see the meaning of the song "We Are One".
This is where he screws up. He exiled the Outlanders fo…

1990 - 1993: Metal Hero Felt More Like A Prime Time Show For Older Audiences Than A Kiddie Show?

I thought about reviewing the now inactive and maybe never to return Metal Hero series. Kamen Rider's Showa era ended on 1989 with what some called as the Kamen Rider BLACK RX meltdown (but I still have a soft spot for it even if I prefer mostly Heisei Riders over the Showa Riders). Without Kamen Rider in the workload -- Toei could have had more time to devote itself to developing Metal Hero until its inevitable demise when Robotack ended.

1990 was a turning point of a year since Super Sentai was having some problems until Jetman saved it in 1991. That year was also the year of Winspector when Noboru Sugimura shifted from the first Robocop inspired series Jiban. Sugimura was now tasked with doing something more "mature" with Winspector and Solbrain. Superheroes aren't so powerful especially they could only use their special suits for a time limit. It was also sort of trying to do a Japanese version of Automan and Knight Rider except it was ironically for children.