Kimba The Jungle Emperor Inspired The Creation Of Simba The Lion King?

It's no secret that inspiration begets inspiration. American entertainment and Japanese entertainment will inspire each other. So why do I think it's possible that Kimba may have inspired Simba? The late Osamu Tezuka who died in 1987 is a Disney fan. If he met with Walt Disney (this was way before the company ended up ruining my childhood) then what if copies of Kimba were at Disney and what if Disney long acquired the rights to produce a similar character? 
Here's an interesting excerpt about the Lion King and Kimba from the Huffington Post:
Tezuka died in 1989, but during his life he didn’t bother hiding his affection for Disney, especially his love for “Bambi,” claiming to have seen the film more than 100 times. The animator actually met Walt Disney during a World’s Fair before he ended up licensing “Bambi” for a Japanese adaptation and credits Disney in his autobiography for some creative influence. In his book, From Goods to a Good Life: Intellectual Property and Glob…

My Own Way Of Making A Family Tree For Wolverine And Sabertooth

I thought of the many times that some say that Sabertooth could be Wolverine's estranged father though it wasn't implemented. In the X-Men cinematic universe, I thought about it that while I don't like the Cinematic Universe now due to the dumb retcons (and I wish Marvel will restore Scarlet Witch's and Quicksilver's parentage to Magneto by revealing that the current glitch is a result of the House of M and NOT that stupid retcon they're in). But here's my ideal retcon to how I'd actually write Wolverine and Sabertoth as family -- as half-brothers.
So what's my own story? Sabertooth was formerly Dog Logan but later took the name Victor Creed to hide himself. Wolverine is still the son of Thomas Logan and Elizabeth Howlett via an illicit affair. Dog Logan is the son of Thomas and his wife. This illicit affair causes trouble especially when Sabertooth is Wolverine's older half-brother on the father side. This would create a rivalry especially whe…

Wolverine's Attraction To Jean Grey Feels More Like A Psychological Need Than Anything

There's been various ways that the Wolverine x Jean Grey shipping gets to work. The X-Men cartoons under Haim Saban's production didn't explain much of what happened -- considering that stuff like Angel losing his wings in a very violent fashion, Callisto's deep lust for Angel or stuff like that are considerably cut out for obvious reasons. Wolverine felt like that he was just in love with Jean Grey for the sake of it. But the comics did have a rather bloody backstory which either could have been (1) toned down in Saban's X-Men cartoon or (2) something that couldn't get past the censors.

Yes, Wolverine actually had a crush in the past who looked similar to Jean Grey named Rose O' Hara. No, Jean Grey is NOT a descendant of said person either. What happened was that he had feelings for Rose while she had feelings for someone. His crush on Jean Grey and letting her go is somewhat a psychological need -- he wanted to let Rose to be happy and marry Smitty. Howe…

My Favorite Marvel-Based Cartoon Series Back In The 90s

If there's anything where Saban actually did right (or even better) than his famed alliance with Toei to create Power Rangers -- I think it's actually his alliance with Marvel Comics and Stan Lee in order to produce Marvel-based cartoons. I would say these are still superior over what new school Disney has to offer IMHO.
I could remember a few of Saban's adaptations of Marvel where I can appreciate it for not borrowing footage from the source. My favorite cartoons produced by him involved X-Men, Spiderman and the Marvel Action Hour -- where Saban Entertainment and Marvel Comics were in alliance. Hmmm... should I mention that he was partly involved with Nintendo and DIC for the Super Mario Bros. Super Show where the less successful sequels no longer had his involvement.

I guess everything started with well -- the X-Men cartoon which was so successful it ran for so many episodes. Sadly, it ended with a dangler where Apocalypse returned into the body of Fabian Cortez or some…

My Own Version Of The Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants

I admit, I don't really always go by the comics (or by the Manga) most of the time. IMHO, I thought about how the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants get altered in one media after the other. Perhaps the most common changes are like making Magneto and Mystique allies which wasn't in the comics or how often Juggernaut goes from a mystically empowered villain to an X-Gene mutant. So what changes would I do based on the comics AND the adaptations that follow?

I was rewatching Pryde of the X-Men and I thought of a number of ideas that I wish made it into the 90s X-Men cartoon. Toad was featured there but he wasn't an active member of the Brotherhood. I actually like the idea of White Queen being a part of the Brotherhood of Mutants together with Mystique and Juggernaut. I thought Juggernaut would have actually developed more conflict if he were actually working with Magneto -- giving Professor Xavier more development as he must deal with both his best friend and stepbrother as they t…

Sailor Otaku's Exceedraft Fan Subs Need A Lightspeed Rescue

It's been week since Sailor Otaku (due to real life reasons) hasn't released a fan sub beyond Exceedraft's seventh episode. The seventh episode where Hayato supposedly "betrays" Exceedraft and "joins" the Red Spade is one intense arc. A police officer on an undercover mission? He supposedly "murders" his chief and he gets in? I can't wait to see more of it!

I just even think that the subs really need a lightspeed rescue -- LITERALLY!

That Incredibly Powerful Metal Blade

Megaman 2 is the game in its early stages and I called it the most unforgiving Megaman NES Game. The game also had balance issues and one weapon REALLY stood out so much. It may not be a panacea or cure-all for the game but it certainly is the most powerful weapon available. Only a few enemies were immune to it. But others, sheesh -- it popped Bubbleman and made lumber out of Woodman. It also had very high ammo and killed several enemies (but not all could be hurt by it) in one shot if they were aligned near each other. It also could be fired in several directions AND it had incredibly long range.

Successors of the Metal Blade weren't exactly that powerful. Megaman 3's Shadow Blade had medium range and couldn't be fired downwards plus it didn't have the rapid rate of the Metal Blade. Megaman X2 presented the Spinning Wheel -- it was one strong weapon but it couldn't be fired in multiple directions. I guess the people behind Megaman thought that the Metal Blade was …