Gaston's My Most Hated Villain in Disney

The thing is I find quite natural that because I'm a big fan of Beast (hoping to find a Belle), Gaston would naturally be my most hated bad guy. Why? I'd like to say that Gaston is extremely a braggart (well he has the skills but not so much on the looks), oafish and not to mention, he's mostly hot air. He just reminds me of the types of bullies I faced in my childhood days. Just to think of it, I don't even find him handsome, I wish Disney made him more good-looking to create a lasting impact of a villain with good looks.

I kind of thought though that he was based on Avenant who was far more good-looking than he was but the same degree as evil. Avenant in the 1946 film was a rich man so I kind of thought that would have made him more imposing. Even if Gaston didn't seem to be more of the "perfect villain" as Avenant was, but I always would hate him number one in my list also because he's the most realistic character to ever exist. Also Avenant was a much meaner, more cruel villain than Gaston was so I guess Disney was always up to making him not as vicious. I mean, if Belle had sisters, he might slap one of the wicked sisters when they displease him.

And if there's nothing I hate is that Gaston would always go after Belle. He of course began to start his advances towards her and I wish Beast would just beat him up. So I kind of am glad that he's fallen down there and all. By the way, Beast is always better than he is. Hee hee.


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