References to Robert E. Howard Literature and the Conan Movie in the Conan Cartoon

The Conan cartoon despite it being a really way too mild version of an adult-oriented character does have some references to the literature in these episodes:
  • Tears from The Sky- Wrath-Amon is described to be legendary evil just as Thulsa Doom was in the movie.  The fact that Conan stayed with his tribe at his teenage years and uses his father's sword is faithful to the Robert E. Howard novels.
  • Star of Shadizar- They meet Jezmine who is based on Valeria who is also a thief. They must climb the Tower. Jezmine here starts off as a thief though we don't see the Snake Cult perform a sacrifice with some priest of Set hoping to drop a woman to her death.
  • Serpent Riders of Set- They are somewhat referential to the part of the Conan the Barbarian film when Conan gets an answer knowing of the Snake Cult.
  • The Master Thief of Shadizar- Again this refers to the movie of climbing up a tower to steal the eye of the Serpent as well as the "Tower of the Elephant". We have Nanoc here who is also a reference to Subotai.
  • The Treachery of the Emperor- In here, Conan is pleaded by a king to save his daughter, a reference to King Osric asking Conan to save the princess. However the princess doesn't run away to join Wrath-Amon's cult.  The Vulture Cult was involved in kidnapping the princess from the novels.
  • The Frost Giant's Daughter- Simply a reference to the novel but in here, Conan doesn't go after Atali but Snagg is after a flower in the garden of Atali. Quite different.
  • The Vale of Amazons- This is in reference to Valeria's battle with the Amazons in one of the novels of Robert E. Howard.


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