How Mortal Kombat Boss Characters Difficulty has Changed

Video tribute to the MK bosses

Mortal Kombat was known to have infamously powerful boss characters, which many of them cause big damage, receive big damage and are just out of balance. The only earlier boss that wasn't so frustrating was Shang Tsung despite his ability to morph, Goro's might was unmatched. Shang Tsung was later dropped from a boss character to a regular character although in MK2, he was kind of a sub-boss even if he was selectable outside of a cheat code.

During the early MK games, the monster bosses were a source of frustration. These bosses were Goro, Kintaro, Motaro and Shao Kahn. Kintaro is probably the hardest boss of them because of his awesome strength, Motaro well he was difficult because projectiles didn't harm him and during those days, these guys caused so much major damage that when they became playable in other ports of MK Trilogy, two player games can be frustrating if the other player used them. Also, these guys can't duck compared to later versions.

MK4's return of Goro to the home systems wasn't that hard. Well Goro was still difficult but he wasn't as hard as he used to be. In fact, it was possible to rag him down and knock him with jump kicks until he was defeated. It was the beginning of balancing them. He wasn't that much of a powerhouse either although with a secret code, he was fun to play with and there wasn't much of frustrations in vs. mode.

Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance's Moloch was incredibly difficult but may not frustrate some as to the days they fought with the MK2 version of Kintaro. He was rendered unplayable due to his awesome might. Mortal Kombat Deception's Onaga seems to be the most balance boss character- he may be that strong but I don't find him as frustrating as the older versions of the bosses where they were too powerful.

Mortal Kombat Armageddon mixed boss characters with regular characters in the select screen, toning down Moloch, turning Motaro into a minotaur (for balance reasons) and well, I didn't mind any opponent using the boss characters even if they were at the higher edge because the fights weren't that hard anymore. Blaze as a final boss wasn't that hard either compared to Kintaro or Shao Kahn were in MK2.


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