Some Interesting Similarities Between the Conan Film and Cartoon Adaptation

Although the Conan cartoon (which I watched as a child) was a milder and ridiculously bloodless show and the Conan film was NOT for children, there were some similarities taken into the cartoon series, and some which were from the deleted scripts:
  • The idea that Wrath-Amon attacked the village in search for steel. In his case, it was Star Metal. However in this scene, Conan is grown and not a child anymore.
  • The scene when Conan's father who was merely turned to stone later with Conan as a child concerning the sword he would inherit.
  • Wrath-Amon's freakish true self as a reptilian being, something that existed the novelization and a deleted concept from the movie's villain Thulsa Doom.
  • The introduction of Nanoc (Conan spelled backwards... duh) together with Conan and Jezmine in climbing the tower, is like the movie although it wasn't a tower of Set.
  • The riddle of steel is somewhat shown when a young child thought he could control Conan's blade. Conan reveals the man and not the blade matters.
  • Conan's predestination to be king is revealed some time.
  • Conan also had a quest to save a king's daughter.
  • Mesmira the queen of Stygia suspiciously bears resemblance to Queen Taramis of the second movie.  She was in fact supposed to be the villain of Conan and the Young Warriors, only to be replaced by Sulinara.
  • In the episode "Once and Future Conan", humans were sold as meat by the serpent men but they were live of course since it was a children's cartoon.
  • In the final episodes, Conan and his team attack the temple of Set but it was not without them challenging an enlarged Wrath-Amon.
Tsk. Too bad James Earl Jones didn't voice Wrath-Amon.


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