The Cobra-La in G.I.Joe

If there was any part of G.I.Joe that I found worth questioning was the existence of the Cobra-La. Sure these guys are more vicious than the Taliban or anybody who would send Osama bin Laden a.k.a. the real life Cobra Commander but I felt like these guys were just written out of a sudden plot twist. So it turns out to be they are some missing branch of humanity and I thought that they were pretty cool as a child but then, as I grew up, my critical thinking had them analyzed.

So I thought they are not so necessary for the G.I.Joe plot plus the part where Cobra Commander is part of them doesn't make sense. In the first place, Cobra Commander being sent by them to form the Cobra army to dispose of humanity was just stupid in writing. Why? Cobra Commander organized Cobra for his own benefits. He organized an army of humans to work for a human-hating society?! WTF?

Also there was the plot of Serpentor as part of Cobra-La's plans. Again, Cobra-La hates humans and Serpentor was not created from Cobra-La's greatest leaders but rather from human leaders like for example Mao Zedong, Hitler and Marx. It's just contradictory. So don't tell me they sent Karl Marx or any other DNA component of Serpentor to help them reclaim humanity? Again that's a contradiction. And with Serpentor, he didn't succeed either! So why would Golobulus still preserve Serpentor? Again the mind boggles.

I personally thought that this was totally an unnecessary sci-fi twist.


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