The Role of Conan's Father's Sword in the Conan Movie

In the Conan film, the sword's role caught my interest. Conan's father acted by Will Smith forged the sword for Conan to use when he grows up man enough to use it. However when the serpent men attack the village, Rexor got it from Conan's father who gets eaten by the dogs. Thulsa Doom then used it to behead Conan's mother and ever since then, the weapons of steel from their village were used by the serpent men. It became the focus of the riddle of steel.

So Conan was grudging against Thulsa Doom for stealing the weapon meant to be his. On the other hand, Conan got the sword of what may have belonged to his ancestor since he was a descendant of Atlantis. Rexor however was the one to use the sword more often than his master Thulsa Doom. The sword itself was used by Rexor during the battle of the mounds, however its blade was broken by the strong impact of the Atlantean Sword of Conan. When Conan looked at the broken sword, he fully understood the riddle of steel would lead to Thulsa Doom's downfall.

The sword itself represented karma. After the defeat of Rexor who used the sword wrongfully, it would soon behead Thulsa Doom. After all, Thulsa Doom used it to behead Conan's mother so its but just it would behead Thulsa Doom even when the sword's blade had been broken in battle. Conan using his father's broken sword used it to behead Thulsa Doom, fully showing the man and not the blade mattered more in battle, revealing how foolish Thulsa Doom was to reveal the riddle of steel. In the end, it was thrown away and burned along with Set's temple as Conan was going to let go of the past and into the future.


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