Tekken vs. Virtua Fighter

Okay this is NOT a fighting game. I'm doing an entry to actually try and compare both games, which I think is better. I remembered playing both games at the arcade, long before I got a Playstation (the first hi-tech system I owned after by NES which I no longer have :-P). However after I got my Playstation 1 (woo hoo, but it was also another reason why my grades were poor back then, I studied in a high standard school during that time), I started playing Tekken at home and realized how deep Tekken was.

So I began to look at it more than just the fact that Tekken has better graphics and fluid animation, even when it was just a baby franchise. Not only with the graphics, it was also with the characters. Tekken has a cast of more interesting characters than Virtua Fighter including the final boss characters. Anytime, Heihachi Mishima the main antagonist can beat Dural up! Music too is a key factor in games. The wrong music can spell a bad direction in everything!

The surface was good, the inside got even better like a ripe pineapple! Compared to Virtua Fighter, Tekken has better gameplay which goes from accessible to deep. Virtua Fighter takes somewhat too much skill to master. Tekken well it's easy to learn but it gets deeper especially it's hard to abuse your moves frequently which adds to replay value. Also, Tekken had more secrets to unlock from secret characters to soundtrack to outfits.

Maybe I should mention the plot and development is more interesting? Tekken definitely has plenty of twists and turns around the game like the Mishima dysfunctional ties to the Williams sister rivalry or the sci-fi twist in it. Not to mention, even the basic endings added personality. Virtua Fighter had no character endings until present.

That's why I prefer Tekken over Virtua Fighter.


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