The First He-Man Draft

Before He-Man was finalized, He-man greatly resembled Conan storywise. He started off as a barbarian but a lot more humane than Conan was, who was destined to fight against the evil skull-headed sorcerer known as Skeletor. Rather than portray him to be super strong, he isn't that super strong. He is portrayed to be more human, like Conan was in Conan the Adventurer. He is the member of a barbaric tribe and its champion.

The arch-villain Skeletor was meant to be the quite similar to Thulsa Doom. Rather than being a bonehead, Skeletor was meant to be a SCARY villain. He was from some other dimension, he was an immortal foe that just wouldn't die.

Well I believe that in order to avoid being too much of a Conan inspired cartoon, a lot of changes were made such as making He-Man the alter ego of Prince Adam instead.


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