The He-Man and She-Ra Series

He-Man, supposedly inspired by Conan in many ways but loosely anyway. So I thought about it that the hero is Prince Adam who transforms into a barbarian-like hero with a giant tiger named Battlecat (in the comics, Conan had a lion named Amra) whenever he used the mystical sword to battle the evil sorcerer Skeletor who is somewhat a parody of the Robert E. Howard version of Thulsa Doom while He-Man somewhat combined aspects of Kull and Conan except that Kull must have inspired the creation of He-Ro instead of He-Man as He-Man may supposedly be Conan. In the Conan comics (not the novels), the skull headed wizard Thulsa Doom was a major enemy too. So I personally thought that only a few characters here were ever inspired by Conan. Most of them were derived from other sources, which prevents He-Man from becoming a Conan rip-off as alleged.

A spin-off series was called She-Ra: Princess of Power revealing that He-Man had a twin sister and an interesting side story of He-Man's archenemy Skeletor having once worked for the Horde, only to betray them later. If He-Man was somewhat inspired by Conan, I think She-Ra was inspired by the Conan character Red Sonja (which was a Conan spin-off) being a sword wielding heroine of sorts. The show featured much more vicious villains especially Horde Prime who is Hordak's older brother (who never showed his face for some reason) and a more interesting twist.


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