The Vegeta-Bulma Relationship

The Vegeta-Bulma relationship is my favorite pairing in Dragon Ball. Why? I for one am a big Vegeta fan. Anyway, I thought of it that Bulma is kind of a crazy girl (and I seem to get attracted to crazy girls myself) who is an only child, spoiled and selfish which kind of matches her with Vegeta. But they didn't have the normal relationship- nope- Vegeta was practically the enemy of the Z warriors when he first arrived and later, he was forced to team up with Goku to defeat Freeza. After his first revival, he ended up on Earth which later resulted to him marrying Bulma even if at first, he found her to be practically cheap. Actually, it could be hard to really understand to why Vegeta would fall for her and so would Bulma when in fact, they didn't meet each other in such good conditions. It's all but accidentally in love!


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