The Megatron and Starscream Relationships in the G.I.Joe Cartoon Series

The first set: Cobra Commander vs. Destro

The relationship between Cobra Commander and Destro is obviously a stormy leader vs. second-in-command which can be evident that Destro's desire to take over Cobra is loud and clear.  Destro like Starscream has no real loyalty but to himself and having scientific abilities.  Despite Destro's betrayals, Cobra Commander still keeps him around while both of them still fight.

Cobra Commander's role as Megatron is where he is a hot-headed commander who is always in conflict with his deputy Destro over many issues - even Destro is not afraid to physically hurt Cobra Commander like Starscream is not afraid to physically hurt Megatron.  His role started of as a ruthless, evil dictator with a Megatron-like personality (which was the comics version) until later, he was also portrayed with silly plots, even to senseless that his subordinate Destro spat at his plans far more openly.

The second set: Serpentor vs. Cobra Commander

When Destro teamed up with Dr. Mindbender, Tomax and Xamot to create a new Cobra leader out from the genetic tissues of history's most evil dictators they could find, Cobra Commander was reassigned to the role of Starscream and the synthetic man Serpentor to the role of Megatron.  Serpentor however was more on the level of Galvatron rather than Megatron in terms of insanity (note that both Galvatron and Megatron are one person but two different personalities, Galvatron is the upgrade).  Although Serpentor was more vicious than Cobra Commander, he had his temper problems which Cobra Commander later became the voice of reason for Cobra which would be a comparison to Megatron and Galvatron.  However after the movie, Cobra Commander was restored by Baroness (who grew weary of Serpentor's brutality) and was overthrown by the Python Patrol, forcibly turned into a lizard never to be seen again.


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