The Moai Kun NES Game By Konami

Moai Kun is probably one game not everyone heard of. It's a puzzle game that involves the protagonist Moai who must fight the evil Skull Empire. I remembered calling the enemies as "Purploids" because of their purple color. But according to the manual, they are the minions of the Skull Empire and the Skull King rules over them. The plot involves saving the Pucchis who are inhabitants of Easter Island. What the Skull Empire is planning to do with the Pucchis isn't known but I think they're being enslaved by what it seems. I even thought about it that the inhabitants of the Skull Empire wanted them for food. The game doesn't really elaborate on it. 

The gameplay goes from simple to being complex. Your aim is to rescue all the Puchis in the stage in order to progress to the next level. Enemies start appearing here and there and it goes from outer environments until it goes to the castle itself. It has 56 levels so thankfully there's a password system for the game. You don't fight any bosses. You must rescue Pucchis, you defeat enemies that just keep respawning and you have a time limit to meet.

I really thought the final stage of the game had a big boss to defeat. Instead, the Skull King of Moai Kun shows up as the "boss". He patrols both stages 55 and 56. I assume that because of all the losses that he's accumulated he's decided to attack Moai Kun himself. But in the end, Moai Kun defeats the evil Skull King and rescues all his friends. It did get some positive reception but I felt like the game needed a sequel or so like the Adventures of Lolo had three games in total. 


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