Mortal Kombat II's Outworld Tournament: Legitimate or Not?

There has been some debate for some time among the Mortal Kombat fans' community whether or not the Mortal Kombat tournament in MK2 was legitimate or not.  Now let's examine the rules of the tournament:
  • No realm can conquer and merge itself with another without Mortal Kombat for at least every generation.
  • Mortal Kombat once declared cannot be refused.
  • Special powers can be used.
  • Any violation of the rules above will result to the judgment of the Elder Gods.

So far, Shao Kahn did declare Mortal Kombat after the first tournament in an attempt to crush them.  The warriors had no choice but to compete.  So in short, it was still a legitimate tournament but with Shao Kahn's intentions to actually cheat.

However it can be considered illegitimate for the following reasons:
  • Shao Kahn used the tournament as a diversion against the Earth warriors so he can begin invasion.
  • They had tried to cheat their way to victory to win against the Earthrealm.
  • Shao Kahn wasn't playing fair so only then Liu Kang's victory prevented another winning streak.  That it became Liu Kang's second victory.  He needed eight more to beat Outworld back.


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