Saban's Mashed Rider- FAILED!

Although Saban did succeed with adapting Super Sentai as Power Rangers (and the term is now coined even for Super Sentai by Filipinos and Koreans who call Sentai as "the original Power Rangers" and Power Rangers as "the adaptation of the original"), there was the notoriously sucky Mashed Rider.  It was adapted from Black RX which was for some Kamen Rider fans, not so great as its predecessor Masked Rider Black but for me was an awesome show.  The adaptation is TRASH.  Why?  Here are some reasons: bad humor to the point that Tokusatsu's humor rocks, bad acting and not to Ferbus is nowhere near the pet alien in Jaspion, he was useless.  And oh yeah, it was really a poor adaptation.

Differences with Black RX to see why Mashed Rider sucks:
  • Black RX is the continuation of Kamen Rider Black while Black RX is somewhat linked to Power Rangers.
  • The archenemy of Black RX is the Grand Lord Crisis.  In Black RX, Grand Lord Crisis was demoted in the form of "Lavasect" and General Jak as Count Dregon became the big bad.  Count Dregon was nowhere near General Jak in terms of badassness.
  • The environment- Black RX was lighter and softer but it was serious overall.  Mashed Rider was just simply full of corny humor and even the serious moments are written badly.
  • At least Black RX had a real likable lover, not Mashed Rider.

Need I say more?  Just mash it.  Decade wins anyday but I throw them both at the trash can.


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