Dragon Quest 8 Possible Puns

In Dragon Quest 8, it's quite noticeable that there are some puns after all.  Like for example:

  • Trodain can come from the word "trodden".
  • King Trode sounds like King Troll, as the fact that he's never attractive cursed or not.
  • Pickham is a pun on Peckham.
  • Rhapthorne's curse got Trodain WRAPPED IN THORNS and thorns have been his trademark.
  • Perhaps the biggest pun is on Prince Charmles.  Give one bit of an additonal s, you get Charmless which is the name Yangus RIGHTFULLY calls him.  He's really Prince Charmless more like it.  In fact, he should have died in the end!  Well, the true ending is that he discovers that the Hero is not only his cousin but the rightful groom.


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