Hercules' Adaptations for Children

So far one can't deny that any child who grew up with Greek mythology watered down has this in their mindsets about Hercules:

  • Zeus is his father and Alcmene is his mother.  
  • Hera is NOT the mother of Hercules but his jealous stepmother.  
  • Hades is a neutral god.

Here's what is usually removed from the children's adaptation:
  • Zeus slept with Alcmene in the form of Amphitryon, the husband of Alcmene.
  • Hercules is born the son of Perseus.  Technically speaking, Zeus DI NOT have sexual intercourse with Danae but got her pregnant via a shower of gold so Alcmene is only Zeus' "great-granddaughter" in technical, not biological terms.
  • Hera hated Hercules even more because the name Hercules means "the glory of Hera".
  • Hercules killed his wife and children so he had to perform the labors.  Many variation of the labor happen from accidentally killing his mother 

The Disney one was the most deviant with the following:
  • Changing Hera into his mother from stepmother. What was the writer thinking?  Hasn't he seen any watered down version of Hercules?
  • Everybody hates Hades. Seriously.  Hades is NOT evil, he's in fact one of the good guys.  Everybody who dies goes to his kingdom to the be judged.  Hmmm... did they take the idea from Marvel Comics?
  • Alcmene was changed into the foster mother of Hercules.
  • Also one has to admit, the film STINKS.

Deviation is okay but certain fundamentals do have to stay!


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