A Game I Wasted So MUCH Quarters On

I got to admit if there was any arcade game I wasted a lot of quarters on during the 90s it was "Captain America and the Avengers" which I would play at the malls for HOURS.  Yeah, my parents had every right to get mad at me for wasting my time on this otherwise ridiculously hard game.  What can I say?  The controls aren't very good, when your lifebar ends, you've got to continue and there are no extra lives.  If it had a save feature, it would have done good but those were the early games.  The whole game featured Captain America, Iron Man, Vision and Hawkeye as they battle the Red Skull who's got an army of mind-controlled villains.  I got to admit the concept was great, storyline was good but gameplay was horrible.  To be honest, if a copy of this game were available with INFINITE continues for the home system, I would buy it otherwise I'd really deposit it in the old shame closet for good.  Wasted so MUCH money on it!


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